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Preventing image theft


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You could use - this disables mouse copying for images only in web pages.


Until the user turns off JavaScript, user agent does not support JavaScript or they use the image tool bar for fire fox which bypasses JavavScript or any other number of ways to get around JS.

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Just wondering if there's anyone out there that knows the code to prevent someone from right clicking on an image and saving it? I'm about to attempt to make a website for my photography and I would really prefer not putting watermarks on everything if I can help it, and I've found the inability to save an image really helps!


Be gentle with me! I'm a bit slow so far when it comes to code and I'm just starting out. I just didnt know how to even search for this kind of information, and I'm sure I'll need more help in the future, so I figured this was my best bet. Thanks!


You are better off with a watermark. it's the WTG in most cases and there are good CMS which can handle this for you without lifting a finger.


That's what i use in our website - screen print

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The only difference is that they have used an absolutely positioned div with a transparent image that's been placed above the actual product image.


     src="[b]/images/en-US/transparent.gif[/b]" alt="" name="transGIFctl00_ContentPlaceHolder_imgProduct"     

    class="MainImage" id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder_imgProduct">

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