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  1. very nice, thank you! at least I've got a ton of ideas now
  2. its always black and another color, lol. Pretty soon it will be black and white
  3. thank you! I get bored sometimes and get dressed up, and I didnt have a proper picture of my blue-greenish hair. I figure it works good enough I'm definitely going to take a shot at flash, since I'm going to have to anyway sooner or later with classes, but at least there's some other really good tricks now that I wouldnt have thought of before.
  4. yes, I'll definitely be reducing image quality for all of them, that always makes them less desirable to steal. I really would hate to watermark my images, and I doubt I would. I've already got all my artwork in a gallery on DeviantART, so there's a big part of me that is perfectly fine with mass viewing and the possibility of stealing is always imminent. People do it for stupid reasons half the time that I'm sure I wouldnt care much about. I'm really pushing my photography skills though and I'm hoping to draw more attention than I have been getting in the past and I just figure that I might want to be more careful on my website. I really appreciate all the responses
  5. very nice ideas, I like that! at least that way if I cant figure out Flash...which I guess is still the *best* option? I can then do that instead. I think most people that steal images for they're own use are mainly not going to put the effort into figuring all that out. I find that its a lot of people wanting profile pictures or avatars.... things of that nature. Thanks!
  6. yeah, I know its not fool proof, but it definitely cuts down on the possibility of it happening, for those who dont know how to get around that. I'll take a look into flash and see if I can figure it out. I didnt think about that I actually had to drop out of a web design class last year and they were eventually going to touch on Flash, so I'll need to get familiar with it again eventually when I retake it
  7. Just wondering if there's anyone out there that knows the code to prevent someone from right clicking on an image and saving it? I'm about to attempt to make a website for my photography and I would really prefer not putting watermarks on everything if I can help it, and I've found the inability to save an image really helps! Be gentle with me! I'm a bit slow so far when it comes to code and I'm just starting out. I just didnt know how to even search for this kind of information, and I'm sure I'll need more help in the future, so I figured this was my best bet. Thanks!
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