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  1. it all depends on your client in the end, if the client is able to wait the go for it, if not then there's not much you can do about it. Last thing you should do is lie about the thing to keep the client hooked.
  2. wouldn't using clickbank be the best option for you in this case, have links to the templates and after payment they are unlocked. You get the dynamical built download links as well, which will spare you the hassle of coding this yourself which is necessary to prevent the event of one pays and spreads you download location to everyone.
  3. those small finger sized monkeys are cool, but they are protected so you can't buy one :(

  4. Depends, you will get different answers from different people. But as in any product around the world the latest model/version tends to be better than the previous otherwise there would not be any need to release a new candidate if you catch my drift. But which version works the best for you or anyone else can depend on an array of things like which one you've learnt the best and feel most confortable with to the one that have the best solutions for the type of code you write most frequently and for some reason you do not like the changes in the new version. I say try and make up yo
  5. To succeed with this you should read and learn the following things: Processing forms with PHP. PHP with MySQL MySQL ( namely creating databases and table design) PHP with MySQL security Writing secure php code, avoiding code injection. Creating dynamic sites with PHP, as you would like to create personal pages on the fly generated and filled using PHP+MySQL Creating a loginsystem with PHP+MySQL Creating a secure user auth sessions As a start then there are tons of other topics that could be good to cover to ensure the system you build is safe, secure and well functional.
  6. I assume you are using wamp or some other ready to go server, where the standard mysql user has no pass set. Go into phpmyadmin and add a password to the root user, or preferably create a new user that you will use in development with a password and use that instead.
  7. you have one backslash to many in http://www.mysite.org.uk//public_html/mail/FormMail.cgi remove one after .uk if that doesn't work try removing the url and use a path from the page location as it might not allow connections potentially coming from outside local.
  8. mysqli is the new mysql library for php using an object oriented solution. This was you have your mysqli object with class members you can utilize in any OOP standard fashion. And to be honest if you know the old mysql commands and have done object oriented code this will be just a matter of typing it out slightly differently. // creating a new object of the type mysqli, you automatically get a refference to the connection stored in your refference variable. $conn = new mysqli('host', 'user', 'pass', 'database'); // this way you can do the usual stuff but with a OO syntax. $result = $
  9. krillz

    The arrow operator

    It's like in Java Integer.parseNext(); but in PHP we use the arrow so we would do Integer->parseNext(); So what you do is specify the object type, in this case Integer and call the function in that object by the refference -> to call the object member parseNext(). So to formally wrap it up: It's how PHP let's you reference a member of some class. If there was some class reference stored in the variable $foo and there was a member function 'noWay()' you could call it by writing '$foo->noWay()', it's the namespace separator or object access operator. you use it to reference memb
  10. If you are switching from a function based approach and going to implement a OOP standard of coding, I suggest you ditch the old function based mysql functions and switch over to OO based functions instead, namely using the mysqli library.
  11. There are a few good sayings when it comes to business and friends: Lending/borrowing money to friends are a recipe for disaster. Money kills friendships ( I bet there are thousands of variations for this one ). The hardest thing is to know when to be a boss and when to be a friend, especially if your friend works for you. My advice is to put the personal aspects aside, and treat this as if someone completely new did this to you, handle it the same way. Or you could do a last attempt to fix this, but be firm; Tell him that he needs to contact you as this is in his best interest an
  12. create what you have to create in phpmyadmin locally on your development server, upload it to the site, export the databases and you are ready to go. I would not recommend developing on the clients site where he will host the site, as there is always the possibility of leaving crap behind that could potentially put the whole site at risk of being taken down by a nosy prick.
  13. I only take on multiple clients if the goal is to complete similar or projects that in a way are solved in the same fashion. That way you can find key elements that can be the same or very similar in both projects thus focus on creating/coding them. Then you have plenty of time doing the unique touches that are required. I would never take one more than one project if it is apparent that the projects are completely different and have to be solved using seperate methods, as you usually have a deadline and don't want to do a half sloppy job just because you took on projects that might not b
  14. Yeah that sucked a lot of sites were affected by the worm. But I think they fixed it last time I read a report regarding the matter. About the site, well it doesn't fit on my 17" screen so most laptop people will have to be scrolling up down left and right which might be annoying. Also the layout makes me think of some early game communities back in the days. Might be the grey metalic frames.
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