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  • 1 month later...

I'm confused.

University now = Library.

Interactive training = University.


So, interactive training University does not equal the Video Tutorial Library?


Is the Video Tutorial Library, (subscriptions monthly or yearly ($29/$99)),


a separate product from the interactive training University (subscription monthly ($39)

or purchase individual courses)?


Are the Video Store purchases(packages or individual courses) the courses found

in the Tutorial Library or the interactive ones?


Does a person with a yearly subscription to the Tutorial Library have access

to the interactive University courses (beyond the free content)?


Why is there no yearly subscription to the interactive University training offered?


If the Video Tutorial Library students indeed do not have access to the interactive University,

Is there a way for the Tutorial Library subscribers to get access to the list of

questions (and an answer file) that the interactive University students get asked?


The interactivity of the questions really makes the University a lot of fun. The

questions force the learner to pay better attention as he/she watch each video (will

that piece of information be one of the questions, and better pause and make sure I

know how to code a link to an external CSS file, for examples). Plus, they break up the

viewing of videos and force the viewer to stop, process, and digest what was

just learned. I look forward to the questions (and feel "smart" in being able

to answer on first attempt with no hints).


Why doesn't the Killersites home page showcase the options available with informations

such as "Which method is better for your learning style?", a comparison of the Library

subscription vs. the University one, and then links?


Are Video Store DVD purchases just the videos and project files, or do they include

the interactivity of the questions?


It's all very confusing...


Finally, can the affiliate program be updated to include the monthly and yearly

subscriptions to the Library, as well as course offerings and monthly subscriptions

to the University?


You definitely should target homeschoolers with the University option.

Have a separate portal page welcoming home educators and selling how important

computer programming skills are, and how your program makes it easy to learn, etc.,

then have the link to the regular University home page. Add a coupon code to ALL

check-out forms so you can track the sources of customers (for instance, by magazine

and date). Advertise in one or more of the top 3 magazines:

  • Practical Homeschooling (PH is my favorite--ask one of their editors to review your site)
  • The Old Schoolhouse (they offer new TOS subscribers a "goodie bag" of free stuff--offer 1 month free)
  • Home Education Magazine (HEM) (try a small ad--emphasize free content to try before you buy)


I have other ideas--for instance, offer free hosting to subscribers while they are subscribers.

Set up the ability to print out "transcripts" of courses completed -- basically list student

name, and for each courses, state course title, completions date, and have a grade (can have an

online final that students can take up to 3 times and/or a final project that someone can eyeball

to see that it works.)


The basic idea is this: Wrap services around your products. So, even if a person can get

training cheaper elsewhere, they will choose you because of all the extras--the forum, the transcripts,

the free hosting, and so on. Figure out how you can help job seekers build a portfolio and you will

really have a winner. Then advertise on Dice.


Another good target market is community college students--they can learn everything quickly and

easily via killersites and then breeze through their college courses (easy "A" plus have college

credit). Some colleges will let a student "test out" of a course--that is give the credit if the

student passes their test. This can save time (still have to pay, though). Or, it can enable the

student to "test out" of pre-requisite courses which saves time and money.

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Thanks for the feedback! You might want to email your comments to Stefan directly at stefan [at] killersites.com. I know he does visit and respond to questions on the forum occasionally, but I'm sure he doesn't see every one. As a quick bit of clarification...


Killersites offers a variety of ways to learn web design/development topics. Each of these are separate products:


-- Killersites Video Store (http://killervideostore.com/)

This site allows you to purchase and download video courses. These courses consist of videos and source files that users watch and learn from. There's no interactive component to these courses -- at least, not in the same way as the KS University. This option is there for people who want to physically own videos, and watch them at any time.


-- KillerSites Video Library (http://www.killersites.com/video-library/user-login.php)

This is a subscription service that gives the subscriber access to all videos that KS offers. The videos that you see here are the same videos you would get if you purchased from the KS Video Store. There's no interactive component to these videos -- at least, not in the same way as the KillerSites University. Having a subscription here doesn't give you access to non-free content at the KS University. Videos here are only available with an internet connection, and can't be downloaded.


-- KillerSites University (http://www.killersitesuniversity.com/)

This offerering is relatively new, and combines the videos offered in other KillerSites courses with multiple choice style questions and coding challenges. Courses can be bought individually, or a subscription purchased for $29.99 a month (http://www.killersitesuniversity.com/subscribe). Most of the courses here use videos from the Killer Video Store, but also include the interactive component. As this product matures, I imagine more courses will be added that are made specifically for the KSU. This service is only available with an internet connection, and videos can't be downloaded.


Note that while this service is branded as the "KillerSites University", it's not an actual, accredited university. There's currently really no "grade" given, though a user who completes a course does get a badge showing course completion on their profile.


-- KillerSites Affiliate program

I believe this currently only covers items purchased from the Killer Video Store, not elsewhere. You'd need to talk to Stefan directly to be sure though.

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Hi Ben,


Thanks for the reply.

Can you give Stefan a heads up on this thread, please?

Maybe some of the ideas will help to increase his success.


If he could open the affiliate program to include getting commissions

for bringing new Video Tutorial subscribers and/or University subscribers,

I think he'd have more active affiliates. Reason: People interested

in learning the courses are very computer literate. They don't need the DVD.

The subscription is a way better deal than the purchase on an individual

course. I'm guessing it's hard to get good affiliates because it doesn't

make good economic sense to spend money and time driving traffic if the

buyers purchase something for which you don't get a commission, and most

of the buyers would purchase subscriptions.


I have another idea in the "wrap services around products" department. Guide

students in creating an online lab book / note book for the course as they

progress through it. Perhaps have copy/paste items for the notebook--it would

be easy enough to do. As an example, as I was going through Dreamweaver, instead

of pasting in the Latin text for filler, I started taking notes and it turned

into a web page-- notesAsILearn.com (notes as I learn).


So, for each "unit of learning", a student would watch a video, answer questions,

do a lab exercise (you can provide the "exercise" and solution and student can

grade themselves--pass when they can do without looking at answer); add to the

copy/paste content to their notebook, and then add any personal notes.

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Hm, I think it is a little confusing, especially when there are so many choices to be made.


When I originally joined up it was called a university. Now it's this 'Video Tutorial Library'. It's probably better named as a tutorial library anyway, mostly because any mention of studying at a real university may well conjure up visions of more formal training. Or, something like that.


Erm, I've been wondering lately about usability issues. I was wondering whether there should be a little more emphasis in this area. I suppose it's silly of me to suggest this, what with my 'definition lists are king', outburst the other day. But I really do see that usability isn't just for the many (presumably) screen reader users out there.


Still, even though I'll be subscribing to this worthwhile library for a whole while longer, video training doesn't always nail me into doing something just because I've seen a video of it. I'm also more of a 'dip in and out' sort of reader, who likes to understand some of the more mature things people have and are now writing about, like Dan Cederholm and Andy Budd (who is more likely to avoid the use of any definition lists like the plague).


Trouble is, when it comes to matters like PHP, JavaScript or anything else that requires a certain kind of understanding, all that I've said about my reading habits just get blown out the window. PHP video training is a must, though there are a good many authors out there who can hold you by the hand and walk you through the things you need to know.


So, I guess what I'm saying is, that it isn't simply horses for courses, but more of what will or won't work. And I guess we've all got to learn what will eventually help us to... er, learn. :lol:

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I really appreciate the input from you guys.





To answer your questions:


1. The KillerSites University and the KillerSites Library are separate things. That said, I am working on ideas to combine the services as one.


2. We will be reworking the affiliate program from scratch and plan on adding the subscriptions as part of this.


3. We are currently working on putting everything under one roof, if you follow what I mean, where all three methods of accessing content will be found at killerVideoStore.com.


... I refer to it as our new 'smart store'. Right now, the store is pretty dumb, in that it looks more like a blog template with e-commerce stuck on top of it. The new store will be more of an information hub and a way for users to compare all the videos and video packages we offer ... besides a bunch of new and free content that will be coming out soon.


I figure right now, we already have about 20+ hrs of brand new video almost ready to be released ... covering Dreamweaver CS6, Photoshop CS6, a new Paypal shopping cart course with more features and functionality than the current course we are offering.


September should be interesting.



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