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  1. You would take style= and all its attributes out of the HTML file. HTML is just for structure and content. CSS is for display. Your best bet is to start at the beginning of the video series and follow along step-by-step. That means pause the video and do each step yourself. It's a great way to learn.
  2. You would also want to add the following to the CSS file right at/near the top: /*html5 display rule */ address, article, aside, canvas, content, details, figcaption, figure, footer, header, hgroup, nav, menu, section, summary { display: block; } As mentioned in a previous post, Google html5 shiv (or shim) and copy/paste the code in the head section. The current (Oct. 2012) code is this: <!--[if lt IE 9]> <script src="dist/html5shiv.js"></script> <![endif]--> I learned the above from Ben Falk in a PHP class.
  3. Sorry that I can't help, but just wanted to say I enjoyed your description of how you, as a cook, communicate by "grunting and throwing pots". Great for you for enjoying programming, seeking a career change, and saving thousands by teaching yourself with the help of Killersites! Best of luck to you. Flash is about dead in the water, and I am not going to bother learning it. The reason is because Apple does not use it on any of its recent mobile devices, from the iPhone on. Other manufactures will be following suit or already have. In websites, Flash is replaced by newer (
  4. Sometimes the word of mouth advertising you get from an ecstatic, well-satisfied customer is worth far more than the discount you provide. Just something to consider. (Of course warn the client that the deep discount was only for her, so don't share that info in referrals.) Perhaps you can work out a compromise or barter. For instance, charge the higher rate, but if she can get you another full-pay customer, or design a special piece of jewelry for you, or some other barter--like proofread for you for a set amount of time (you did misspell jewelry), then provide the disco
  5. This is a modification of my previous reply. As a general rule, you want to keep your PHP code separate from your HTML code as much as possible. The reason is so that a web designer can do what she/he wants with the HTML and CSS without messing up your code. The PHP code is included in the HTML file via an include statement in the head section. In the PHP videos, the PHP and MySQL course, Stefan starts by mixing PHP and HTML in the same file, and ends by separating the two as much as reasonable. Here is a sample resulting HTML file: <!Doctype HTML> <html> &l
  6. (regarding the post above this one:) Why go to w3schools to learn Javascript? The instruction at Killersites is superb, practical, and engaging. It's hands-on learning by doing.
  7. Ben, Thanks so much! You are amazing in how quickly you reply with useful information. I greatly appreciate all that you contribute to Killersites, the forums, and the behind the scenes stuff that I don't know about. PS: Maybe you can make the suggested course order a sticky post on the PHP forum.
  8. Hello to the Administrators of this great site, Can one of you update the order of the listing of PHP courses available via the Killersites Video Tutorial Library to match the order in which the classes should be taken? For instance, I learned the hard way that my failed attempt at PHP CRUD will probably be successful once I take "PHP and MySQL" (which I am starting today). Yet the CRUD course is listed well-ahead of the SQL one. Could you post the suggested order here right away? I realize changing the production version of a site can take awhile. Thanks so much. PS
  9. So you've been writing stand-alone PHP programs? It's a good way to learn a language, and it seems like you've come a long way in knowledge, so kudos to you. I like the Killersites approach better, where early on you have practical web programming instruction-- integration-- such as PHP embedded in HTML. In just the 2nd course, "More PHP", I completed a well-taught project using PHP, HTML, Javascript, and jQuery to display posts from an RSS feed onto a web page. To answer your question, yes, you would change the file type. So, instead of the HTML file being index.html, for instance, it w
  10. Ben, Thanks so much for a fast reply! Yes, that RSS feed works. Students, here are my Tips for Doing the "Use PHP, jQuery & AJAX to Load XML Data" Project: After struggling for a few hours, mostly over careless errors, such as a missing > and using #recenttopics in one place and #recentTopics in another, and writing text/javascript instead of text/css for the style tag for loading the animated gif, and for forgetting an occasional semicolon, I got it to work! You need to go to the jQuery site and download the script-- the minimized version is small. You have to g
  11. Greetings! In Misc PHP Videos, "Use PHP, jQuery & AJAX to Load XML Data Part 1", the RSS feed that Ben uses is "http://killersites.com/forums/feed/rss/". With all the great changes at Killersites, this URL is no longer valid. Can this video be carried out with another Killersites Forum RSS? If so, which one? Do any more changes need to be made from the instructions in the video? Here is the beginning code to test being able to obtain the feed file: <?php $file = "http://killersites.com/forums/feed/rss/"; $xml = simplexml_load_file($file); echo "<pre>"; p
  12. In the same HTML5 CSS3 and JQuery course, for the rounded corners question, border-radius:10px; -moz-border-radius:10px; was incorrect (no spaces after the colon), but the "given" answer was correct: border-radius: 10px; -moz-border-radius: 10px; One does not need spaces after the colon. In fact, the previous attributes in the sample code do not have spaces.
  13. Hi, The courses and instruction are great! This is a minor complaint that a little tweaking can fix. Perhaps this thread can be used for similar tweaks needed with other courses. The problem is that on occassion, a correct answer is given, but the validation process does not accept the answer as correct. The correction is to update the validation for those answers. Two examples: In the HTML5 CSS3 and JQuery course, an answer to update the HTML tags to HTML5 was considered incorrect. In comparing the given answer (obtained after "giving up") to the one I had, the onl
  14. I don't really understand your question, sorry. Are you saying that you no longer want a drop-down menu for navigation, because when you "drop down" a menu, it covers the content of something else, and you don't like that? And therefore, you would like a drop-up menu? Have you tried playing around with the arrangements of the slideshow and the navigation bar? for instance, how about putting the navigation below the slideshow banner?
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