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what is link wheel?

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It is not an issue of where... it is an issue of 5 questions in 5 threads, if they are all SEO questions than put them in one thread.


You will notice that the indexing/Crawling thread is listed here, yet I see you posted it again...

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1) Never heard of it but suspect it would be like link farming and therefore of no use in SEO. It is not the number of links linking to you but the quality of links. A web design site linking to you vs a gardening site linking to you. Search Engines do not fall for link farms anymore.


2) Having keywords in your content that actually mean something, really highlight what THAT PAGE is about, not just stuffing keywords in.


3) Just another silly "Buzz word" SEO "Experts" like to use to make themselves look like they are worth paying.


4) See 2 - more or less "Toe - May -Toe" vs "Ta - Ma - Toe" when saying Tomato.


5) See Tomato in 4 - A Search Engine (SE) Spider or Spyder or Crawler (SE sub-program) "Crawls" the web site (Follows links) and indexes content (Takes note of content) which is added to a database and used to point the user to a web site based on the words used in the search. But the terms are loose enough that they can be used interchangeably.

Crawling is the action of searching for data: aka searching for & recording data found.

Indexing is the action of recording the data: aka recording the data found during the search phase.

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Hello there. Link wheel is a great way to get a ton of traffic to your website. It builds backlinks to a website's main page which can result into high search engine ranking. Link wheels are one of the most advanced SEO link building techniques out there right now.It is the process of creating 12 or more new blogs/microsites on a particular topic. On each of those sites, you write 200 words of unique content, and include 1 link to your targeted site, and 1 link to one of your other blogs/microsites.

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Seriously? Sounds like another scam idea that the SE will ignore eventually because you are linking to your own site. Or you could simply write articles and other good content that 12 others publish who are in the same line of work and have them add a link to your site as the author.


Of course it is more work trying to impress others that you really know what your talking about so they post your content, much easier to make up sites and post your own content so anyone not savvy enough thinks you look like you know what your talking about. SE and their programmers are savvy and can figure out of these 12 sites are your own and the link wheel will go the way of the Link Farm.


Why do people constantly try to trick search engines, just do things right or pay for a good ranking like many of those listed above you do.



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Link wheel is a widely utilized web marketing strategy. The basic thought of link wheels is to develop a layout of links which circulation from one site to another which would lastly link to a targeted website necessitating marketing. It usually beneath the group of lookup motor optimization, however, when social media websites are employed to develop the website link flow the link wheel technique gets to be social media marketing.

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Why do people constantly try to trick search engines, just do things right or pay for a good ranking like many of those listed above you do.


Agree. People who try to game the search engines eventually get burned. Ask the countless sites that got nailed with the recent Penguin Google update.



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Link wheels are old school spam tactics... you can find them all day long on Blackhatworld DOT COM...


They haven't worked for years now. Best bet is to focus on social and user generated reviews...


Google loves user generated content that is Rich Data Formatted (RDF) & Rich Data Snippets (RDS)


Reviews affect more in search now then links and citations as long as the accounts they come from are not spammy...


Here is a link -> https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/99170?hl=en


You can effectively add keywords to your reviews and have better luck then links, cites, and content.... COMBINED.

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