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  1. Update Quality content on your site so that you can get acquire good backlinks and it is useful to promote your website.
  2. I am new to this site I have no idea very exactly i can post the seo related question can you please suggest me..
  3. andersonjohn

    php code

    Go through the site PHPCODE.NET you can find all categories of PHP default codes.
  4. I have used Joomla and Drupal. Both are good as point view of SEO.
  5. Using headers() method, you can easily transferred to the new page without having to click a link to continue. This is also useful for search engines.
  6. Rip Clip is a tool that allows you to save (extract) web pages to your computer.
  7. andersonjohn


    LearnCpp.com is a totally free website devoted to teaching you to program in C++. Whether you’ve had any prior experience programming or not, the tutorials on this site will walk you through all the steps you’ll need to know in order to create and compile your programs.
  8. The Spam Reporting will be responsible for identifying and analyzing trends in spam and other threats to electronic commerce.
  9. I think there are some flash messages.
  10. This might be a browser problem.. Report the error to support team of IE... I hope this is helpful to you..
  11. Awesome stuf.. thanks for the share....
  12. Go for apple... its very good.. i have used both windows and MAC n the apple stuff is awesome...
  13. I would recommend learn by yourself technique.. web design is something which no school or college gonna teach you.. They will teach you how to use the tool but they cannot teach how to make the best design.. Creative cannot be bought
  14. I use windows XP and Windows vista... both sucks..
  15. Neat design... Its simple.. love the yellow and black color concept..
  16. Great site... I really liked the design..
  17. Both are good. Each having its own speciality.... I would recommend Joomla.. Best for all kinda websites... Lot of Joomla plugins which will make the work simple and easy
  18. Flash websites is bad for SEO.. IF you want to index and get ranked for keywords then try not to use Flash.. USe jquery instead...
  19. Google for RSS generator and you will get lot of them.. choose one which suits you best
  20. Ebay store is the best option. You can create your custom designes store and sell products... Easy to build..
  21. Hostagator is good.. i bought the hosting from Hostagator.. Domains i got it from Bigrock.. I got free email IDs with domain registration..
  22. Ben that was super awesome... i learnt lot of stuff from you today... You included each and everything which will surely help in winning any project...
  23. Do not go for cheaper hosting as there is higher chance of your website getting hacked.. check for secuirty... i always use hostagator and Bigrock... Hostagator for hosting and Bigrock for Domains...
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