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  1. Sorry, but I am not going to promote your CMS.
  2. Thank you, good idea to resize content area. I use "welcome" message for my customers, I just want to greet them. I wrote an article about VirtueMart software upgrade, because I work with this system and my customers need to know about all news. I often write articles about different CMS software updates.
  3. I am not a reseller. I am web designer and I sell templates. Butr why do you think that I can't improve the design of my blog? I am real person and I also want to get your help and suggestions.
  4. Hello! I am going to update my blog design and I want ask you to review my site. I know that it need improvement, so I am waiting on your feedback and suggestions. I would like to know what do you think about colors, content, tag cloud and blog navigation! I am waiting on your replies!Thank you
  5. Hi, Stefan! Really good and helpfull information. I am going to use some of them.
  6. Hi! I think you need to use more colors. You have used too much white. Also you need to change the appearence of the forum. I think it must be much easier in navigation for your members.
  7. I used Joomla VirtueMart system and now I start new project using HikaShop. It's an extention for Joomla.
  8. Thank you, Stef! I appreciate your advice!
  9. Thank you! Eddie, can you describe me PayPal protecr service? How is it works?
  10. Thank you, Eddie! You gave me good advices! I will keep them in mind!
  11. I read all feedback about HTML5 version and few days ago I tried to work with it again. So far, all is progressing well.
  12. I am going to use this WordPress eCommerce plug-in. Did you use it?
  13. Sorry, I just to know some information about WordPress plug-ins. I am going to use some of them. So I want to know did people ever use them.
  14. Did you ever use WordPress plug-ins? What do you think?
  15. I began to work with PrestaShop system. I developed few templates that based on it. My customers are sutisfied.
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