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  1. Thanks, uninstalled and stuck with DW. I may run it on a PC that I don't use for much.
  2. Thanks, I decided to stick with DW and sorry for the late response.
  3. Does anyone know how to change 'Bluefish Editor' file associations? Basically, it has taken over my existing notepad and other text files. I unchecked all file associations during the installation process. I am looking into it but haven't found any fix yet. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
  4. I am having some problems installing the Simple Press Forum plugin for my WordPress test site. Basically, I have tried unsuccessfully to fix some of the errors but it is beyond my skill level so I figured my best chance is to give it a shot here. Below is the message I get after the installation and here is a link to the forum page for the site, My link Resolution attempts include; a. Tested the plugin successfully on my localhost b. Used ftp to check on the files that I am supposed to unzip and they 'seem' to be there c. Replaced the theme folder in question with the working one from my localhost and even compared some of the folders etc. d. Visited site of plugin maker and they do mention problems like the one I am having but the only way for answers seems to be through a paid subscription(Thanks Stefan and all the major contributors here for all the freebies. E. Last option will be to rebuild the site again and this time load the simple press plugin before I start making changes - NOTHING LIKE PRACTICING OVER AND OVER YOU WILL NEED TO PERFORM THE FOLLOWING TASKS TO ALLOW SIMPLE:PRESS TO WORK CORRECTLY [storage location part 1 creation failed] - You will need to manually create a required a folder named [storage location part 2 creation failed] - You will need to manually create a required a folder named [Resources part 1 file failed to copy] - You will need to manually copy and extract the file '/simple-press/sp-startup/install/sp-resources-install-part1.zip' to the new folder [Resources part 2 file failed to copy] - You will need to manually copy and extract the file '/simple-press/sp-startup/install/sp-resources-install-part2.zip' to the new folder [Resources part 2 file failed to unzip] - You will need to manually unzip the file 'sp-resources-install-part1.zip' in the new folder [Resources part 2 file failed to unzip] - You will need to manually unzip the file 'sp-resources-install-part2.zip' in the new folder Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. linton


    Eddie/TKG, please read the attached document. wpthemeprb.doc
  6. linton


    Thanks again. I am now confused. The Theme Name is: killersites. Here is a little cut and paste from the style.css file. Theme Name:killersites Theme URI: http://wordpress.org/ Description: Tutorials in session. Am I looking in the wrong place? Will appreciate some simple pointers in the right direction. Thanks
  7. linton


    TKG, thanks for your response. I apologize for my late response. This is what I have for the style.css file. Not too sure if you are referring to something else. I have also attached a word doc with a larger image. I will try and complete the whole tutorial and hopefully put/upload it since it might help someone identify where I am making my mistake. Could this be my problem?- Theme URI: http://wordpress.org/'>http://wordpress.org/ pointing to the wrong location. Will do a little reading and see what I find. Will see if changing that to the localhost location will make a difference. /* Theme Name: Killersites Theme URI: http://wordpress.org/ Description: Tutorials in session. Author: The Killersite Testing Team Version: 1.0 License: GNU General Public License License URI: license.txt Tags: Green frog */ ksitetutprb.doc
  8. linton


    Thanks Ben, I have. I activated the new theme with a distinctive name. Everything goes fine in DW but when I do a preview I don't get the same thing from the browser. I am following Mr. Romano step by step. I don't know if the version of the Theme has anything do with it. WP gave me version 1.3 to start with but I think the tutorial was done with version 1.0. As part of my troubleshooting process I tried using the 1.0 Theme that came with the tutorial but I got an error.
  9. linton


    I have WampServer and WordPress running on my local PC and I am using the 'Complete WordPress Package' from killersites as my tutorial. So far so good except for some minor problems which I hope someone can help me fix. I wish I could include some code but I don't even know where to start from and everything is on my local PC which makes it harder to point potential helpers to a site. I have included some screen shots and described my problem as best as I can for now. Hope the 'heavy lifters' here will help me figure it outksiteprb.doc. I have attached a word doc. Thanks, Linton
  10. linton


    Thanks again. I couldn't attach the style sheet because 'I was away from my workstation' when I responded.I will start the WordPress tutorial afresh since the problem is not limited to the background image alone, just to make sure I am doing the right thing. Maybe letting you know the theme I am working with might be more helpful, the style sheet is easy to get to but then the HTML is sandwiched in PHP etc.
  11. linton


    Thanks, I will try and explain things a little better. 1. The attached image shows what the change to the 'body' background looks like when I attach the new background image. 2. I then save my work and view it with a browser (FFX, IE and Google) but the background image does not show in the browser preview, it is only the background color that shows. 3. I am using the edit tool in Dreamweaver to make this changes so I am not hand coding. 4. Purpose - I am playing around with making changes to a WP theme via the CSS style sheet. 5. The style sheet is too long but I can post that later. Thanks again.
  12. linton


    I am having a problem attaching a background image to a theme's 'body' in Wordpress. Basically, the change looks fine on my screen but when I do a preview it doesn't show the change. I am saving the change before previewing. When I use a color for the background it shows up fine in preview mode. Here is the code body { background-color: #f1f1f1; } body, input, textarea { color: #666; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px; background-image: url(images/mybckgnd.jpg); } This is running on a local wampserver and below is what it looks like, Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. I think it depends on what you want to do with your education in general. You can look into the possibility of taking industry certification exams etc as you progress within the field if needed but your work will speak volumes for you at the end of the day. Ben's advice is great, you will need lots of time to play around with things and you can learn a lot without having to pay a lot.
  14. I think it has something to do with the size of the LCD's, and screen resolution in use and not the stage size. I have a dummy/test flash here, http://www.lookupyoursite.com/ bottom of the page. It looks smaller on a laptop and bigger on an external monitor attached to the same laptop. If it is something else, you can try putting the flash file in it's own div to contain it. Hope this helps, I am a beginner too.
  15. Thanks, wish I could see one.
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