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The Dreamweaver Myth


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Web design is about code and not about tools. You would not learn how to build a house by learning to use a nail driver right? You would learn using a hammer because it is about technique and planning and not learning tools. One you can build a house you can learn to use a nail driver to speed the process (and easier on your back/knees).


Same here. To start learning, use notepad, that is what I had to use in school (and a horror called Emacs). Learn the code and how to work with it. THEN when you can create web sites, move up to free editors to help speed the process a bit. Eventually if you are serious, you can spend big bucks on Dreamweaver. But trying to learn a program AND code will just slow you down and make you dependent on pushing buttons. So learn to code first and then worry about learning an editor.


Stef's videos are geared towards learning to code independent of what editor you choose.


But unless you want to work in the industry, you really do not need Dreamweaver. I use free editors now. I just used Dreamweaver to know it well enough as this is my profession and it is the standard for the industry and likely what you would use in a company. It makes things easier & faster... not better.


Good web sites are produced by people, not tools.


Alternative Editors for Web Development


Do not fall for the Myth that Dreamweaver makes good sites or is needed to make good sites. You the developer do that, DW is just a tool. Avoid classes that teach DW along with web design. Take a web design class and then take a DW class if you like.

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"Avoid classes that teach DW along with web design. Take a web design class and then take a DW class if you like."



In my somewhat 'limited' experience of web design I completely agree with this. I originally started with free WYSIWG editors but then decided to learn code. I even recently stopped using another editor that i had purchased, and reverted to notepad as I was indeed finding it a bit much learning the code and the program at the same time. I was therefore a bit dissapointed to find that the 13 CSS layout videos, that I've just worked though, seem to have equal emphasis on using Dreamweaver as they do to using CSS. It would be nice if these tutorials could be made available using an everyday text editor.

That said, I've been mostly happy with the tutorials i've seen so far on the site.

kind regards,


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Within the last couple of years I have come across so many posts (at other locations)that were spewing that DW hate and how it bloats your code. I immediately realized that most of the people commenting have false expectations or just want vent due to the lack of experience. I second the notion that DW is just a tool and learning how to code properly is paramount to your success.

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I'm still a learner but had 2 years experience with DW and I also agree your much better to learn the code yourself as this makes your code smaller and more effective although DW has some perks to it but all it's premade templates etc are poor code nd you can't edit it propperly if you don't understand what DW is doing.

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Thanks so much for those comments and saving me a few hundred dollars buying DW when I don't have to. I'm a 70-year-old man just starting web programming, I programmed C/C++ for 25+ years. I have WordPress and even bought a couple books about it, but it's a little greek to me. So I think I'll start with just hand-coding everything in Notepad++ instead of expensive DW.

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Could somebody give me the pros and cons of each program. I would like to get one of them and was hoping for feedback on the best/worst, easier/harder, types of comparisons. I dont have much experience in website development.



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