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  1. AncientDragon

    What's the differrence?

    On this page, what is the difference between Web Design 1 with 27 videos and Web Design 1 with 24 videos? I've already listened to most of the videos in the first one -- are the videos in the second set the same as in the first set?
  2. AncientDragon

    Two problems

    Found them. Thanks
  3. AncientDragon

    Two problems

    Thanks for changing the permissions -- Its ok now.
  4. AncientDragon

    Two problems

    I'm viewing the videos from here
  5. AncientDragon

    Two problems

    Problem #1: Why can't I edit my profile? I clicked the edit profile button but got an error that says I don't have permissions to edit it. Huh?? I just joined about an hour ago, do I have to wait awhile? problem #2: How do I download the files that the Into video says are available. I found the link to Bluefish and downloaded/installed it, but don't see the links to the other files.
  6. why does it say I don't have permissions to edit my profile?

  7. Hello -- just joined here a few minutes ago because I want to learn how to write my own web site. I've programmed in C/C++ professionally for 20+ years, but want to learn something new. I'm retired now and have lots of time to learn.

  8. AncientDragon

    The Dreamweaver Myth

    Thanks so much for those comments and saving me a few hundred dollars buying DW when I don't have to. I'm a 70-year-old man just starting web programming, I programmed C/C++ for 25+ years. I have WordPress and even bought a couple books about it, but it's a little greek to me. So I think I'll start with just hand-coding everything in Notepad++ instead of expensive DW.