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  1. I've experimented with Drupal for quite a while and rarely come across negative remarks regarding it. EE (Expression Engine, paid software) is something that I have come across recently and have installed it on my local server. It seems very intuitive and does not present an intimidating learning curve like most people often say about Drupal. Does anyone in particular have experience with any of the two or both? If so, which one stands out and is more flexible.
  2. You are good, that fixed the problem without you having to look at the code...
  3. Within the last couple of years I have come across so many posts (at other locations)that were spewing that DW hate and how it bloats your code. I immediately realized that most of the people commenting have false expectations or just want vent due to the lack of experience. I second the notion that DW is just a tool and learning how to code properly is paramount to your success.
  4. JQuery simply adds the cool effect to dropdown menus. Not too many people turn off JS, but for the ones that do, your menu would simply appear and not slide down. Try this out http://route19designs.com/DP-Menu/. Try it with JS turned on and try it with it turned off. as far as the multi level flyout, http://www.webdesignerwall.com/demo/css3-dropdown-menu/css-gradient-dropdown.html. I know I will get criticized for this, but I do not design for IE6 at all. Don't care really.
  5. So have I, and I'm loving it - until I have to deal with IE. Headaches and Creative pains.
  6. What? Development for XHTML2 was and has been abandon for general web use. Of course XHTML is still active for general web use. Don't know where you got that notion from.
  7. XHTML was abandoned in 2006 by W3C. XHTML2 was never going to be released. Instead they jumped on WHATWG (web hypertext application technology group)band wagon. WHATGW are group of developers from Apple, Mozilla and Opera that wanted to enhance the capabilities of HTML4. Most importantly, XHTML2 was not going to be backwards compatible like HTML5 will soon be once browser manufacturers stop BSing. Funny, I was criticized by a group of zealots simply because I advised a new designer to do his class project in html5 instead of xhtml. I still use both, but it makes very little sense to cling to something that will eventually be scraped.
  8. At this point the differences in the languages are irrelevant. Some designers and developers have gotten very excited over the emergence of HTML5, while others prefer to stick with XHTML based on the familiarities and playing it safe. I was trained on XHTML transitional and that is all I have ever used until I began using HTML5. I use both interchangeably. I can assure you that most of your clients are not concern about this or even care. Is it really going to ruin my day if I have to use <br/> or <br>? I doubt it and I don't really care. I like the freedom of HTML5 and the Outline Algorithm method, but I also like the structured rules of XHTML. other than that I have no complaints.
  9. I atcually have that set of videos. It's based on CI 1.7+ and it's not all that organized. Still it teaches you some very cool stuff.
  10. I am looking for the latest book on CodeIgniter, something dated 2011. I know the User guide that comes with CI is very good and provides a ton of info. However, I need real world examples. Some of the tutes they provide are outdated and do not work with the latest version or sometimes even the one they use in the tutorial.
  11. Creating a Joomla template is way easier than Wordpress. For starters you do not have that many files to work with. The problem I had with Joomla back during 1.5 era was the difficulty I ran into trying to customize the layout. Now I know it can be done, but at that particular time I was not willing to put in the time or effort to figure it out. I already knew Wordpress and was able to do exactly what I intended with it. Joomla gives you a ton of features and that is cool, but also an overkill for a basic website.
  12. I have taken in so much info on this issue over the years that I begun to second guess myself at times. One well known instructor/designer - developer says, mastering one specific platform (CMS) is the way to go. Others claim that programming is the only true key to success and salvation in web development. Last but not least is the SEO guru that says his way is the only way. After hearing all of that mess, I decided to stick with Wordpress, but also take PHP and SEO seriously now. My opinion on which tool is the better of the big three would have to be Drupal. Have I used Drupal yet? Only on my local server. My only issue with it is the learning curve on theming it. That is the only thing holding me back. Call it a designers ego, but I have a problem with using someone else's theme this late in the game.
  13. Shocking! No condescending, undertone with a dry apology. Just straight talk, am I in the right forum?
  14. IF you don't mind me asking, how far or how deep did your education get in web development / design? I'm curious, spoke to a telemarketer once that was trying to convince me to join a program. What shocked me was the fact that most of the classes were geared towards business and only four classes were based on Web Development. The degree you eventually earned is for web design/development. I wanted to know how and why you were only given four classes and no one was able to answer my question.
  15. The easiest way to put this I think, is for you to decide what fits your persona. Do you like solving puzzles, real brain teasers and get a rush from it? If you do, open source is the way to go. If you are completely indifferent to puzzles and just want to handle the task at hand, proprietary software is the way to go. As far as security is concern, that is completely up to you and the sites you frequent on the web. Be mindful of the fact that there are far more hackers out there targeting MS Windows machines than Linux, Mac and Solaris users combined.
  16. I agree with Ben, that is perhaps the best solution. Like you, I was pulling my hair out trying to hide extensions for a small site using .htaccess several years ago and was not successful. Your files most like have to be dynamic in the sense that it has to be interpreted by a server.
  17. This is going to be difficult to explain but here we go: After loading the .fla file into Flash Pro, view your timeline. Some templates are still designed using a timeline and each page on the timeline is usually titled. If you do not see multiple contents on your timeline, double click on the movie that is on the stage; sometimes the content is embedded and you will find the what you are looking for in another layer. Last but not least is your library panel. If this is the case, your pages are being loaded dynamically with Actionscript. You will find the pages in that panel and can edit them by clicking on the file. It will open on the stage and you can add your content. The other thing you might want to consider is the help file that came with the template and the possibility of your editable file being an XML file. If that is the case it's smooth sailing for you. All you have to do is edit that XML file and never have to open the .fla file.
  18. So many variables; ability to create attractive designs, ability to learn new technology quickly, the desire, and establishing a client base. I know I have left out quite a bit, but the ones mentioned are what comes to mind right away.
  19. In desperate times, I sometimes tend to consider desperate ideas...
  20. I exclude WP for the simple fact that it has become what Joomla use to be - about four years ago (give or take). I've been reading a great deal of hate articles by a handful of programmers with tunnel vision that think everyone in the business should create their own CMS from scratch (reinvent the wheel repeatedly). What is your take on it?
  21. The basic part, I have down. It just does not seem like enough though.
  22. Learning web design/development is a profession. It takes time and a willingness to do something over and over until you can finally say - I GET IT NOW...

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