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  1. Sorry guys been really busy at the moment will continue this when I can.
  2. Hello all, I have been using this forum for sometime now and personally I believe I have improved much faster, with the help and advice from the users on this site. I am going to try and give back by posting my first tutorial type post on my favourite topic Navigation. Introduction to web navigation: The primary concern of most websites is the provision of information. The ability to have non-linear navigation through the use of links is one of the main things that set the Web apart from other media. But without a well organised and well built navigation even a site with the
  3. I'm pretty much in the same boat, not had much time to build fake sites just now as college hasn't restarted yet and working full time. I do have work done at college but not allowed to use it as they were exam pieces and technically owned by the college which I think is really unfair. But I do have some site lined up from just word of mouth, cms portfolio, static portfolio, a static site for a business maybe.. and my own personal project of which I'm not quite experienced enough to build yet. So my advice is just ask freinds and family you will be suprised.
  4. If the positioning is absolute you wouldn't use margins to position the div or class, wouldn't you just use left or right. .Republicans{ position:absolute; left:0; right:100%; }
  5. You need to go into your stylesheet and use a selector to change the font colour. .popup2-moremenu{ font-color:#fff; } that's just an example you of course select the div or class that needs to be changed or even change the body text colour.
  6. How do you get reputation?

    1. falkencreative


      You get reputation by having other users +1 your posts (in the bottom right corner of all posts). Since the forum isn't that active, it's a feature that isn't used all that often.

    2. gffects


      ok thanks just wondered

  7. Only thing I could suggest would be like Andrea said check your coding and make sure the directory to the buttons image is correct. Also make sure the image has been uploaded to the right folder correctly. Without seeing the code myself I can't help you much more either.
  8. would you not just have the background attachment fixed.
  9. I do 2 things when trying to model from a site. 1: check out the source code to understand how it is written. 2: draw on paper the website but purely in boxes. from there it's easy to start building the site from those guidelines.
  10. Will be reading my new book essential guide to html 5 and css3 today :)

  11. not too bother about time as I tend to do this over a year or 2 anyway and tbh I would want to know how to make this stuff anyway I don't see the point in using other peoples work.
  12. Thanks Ben i'm going to go over my idea and note down what functions are needed, And I guess slowly figure out how to make them one at a time
  13. Hey guys I want to build a big project website and my ability with html and css is good I understand javascript and some php and some mysql. Now big sites like youtube and facebook have their sites made by the user and it display specifically in certain positions on a page. I would like my site to be able to do the same thing by the user adding the content and it gets put in the correct places and I know I can't just build it in html and css or I would have to hand code everytime there would be a change. How to go about doing this for a website?
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