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web page layout software


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You're taking about wireframing tools, right? Something that allows you to work on the overall layout without actually starting the design in Photoshop?


There are quite a few options out there, and it really just depends on your own workflow and the exact features that you need. When I do wireframes, I usually stick with Illustrator, but there are tools created specifically for wireframing as well. Here are a couple tools/roundups of popular tools, and I'm sure you can find more if you do some searching.











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thanks guys, i guess what i was looking to do is called wireframing. :)

yes adobe photoshop is most graphical software for designing website.

Adobe gives u lots of tools to make graphical look and u can make changes by creating

layers of every single object.

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Personally I would use Fireworks. Photoshop is for graphics, with web use attached. Fireworks has always been built for web development. Both are owned by Adobe now, so I do not know if Fireworks is cheaper as it used to be.


But either way, as mentioned above you can create levels which you can hide. So by showing and hiding levels you can show different versions of the web site, or different color combinations all around a general content. That can be useful.

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