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  1. i think u should do both courses coz for website u have to b professional and also have knowledge of color, expert in using graphic content in websites.
  2. u must be careful for using animation on ur site coz it is necessary for u that animation must be good and avoid from the weight.
  3. try transparent ur background u will able to write on it. This time ur background image is 2 high.
  4. yes adobe photoshop is most graphical software for designing website. Adobe gives u lots of tools to make graphical look and u can make changes by creating layers of every single object.
  5. Building a website with good content management system makes it a lot easier to manage than the traditional way of editing and uploading to make changes to a website.
  6. it is not necessary that u have to know HTML for creating website, just do ur work in Dream weaver.
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