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  1. Hello, I have been trying to contact stefan, but have not had any success, i am not getting any replies to my emails. can anyone help please?!
  2. Im creating the homepage in photoshop right now, have a look at it and give me any advice/tips that you can.thanks
  3. thanks for the reply, there is a property search window located on the right side of the web pages of that website. is it possible to create that menu in photoshop too and then slice it up like the site menu?
  4. hi, a friend is planning to invest in a website for his estate agency, hes looking for a website which looks exactly(except graphics and colors) like: www.druce.com. i have no experience in developing websites but the person who has been commissioned to develop it,is going to let me participate so i can gain some experience. could you please breakdown the stages of developing this website and what tools(design,layout,html,css,flash,photoshop,php) could be used to complete each stage. thanks in advance
  5. thanks guys, i guess what i was looking to do is called wireframing.
  6. what is a good software for designing the clients layout requirements onto a document during the planing stage?
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