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Stef: You should have a FAQs and Tips forum category that is 'READ' only (no posting). Here you can add all the possible facts, tips, hints, do's/dont's etc. Have this category placed at the very top of all the other forum categories.

Seconded. That could be useful for some of the repeat questions (issues with file extensions, linking, etc.)

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To be fair to the newbs, sometimes they just don't know what the problem is or why it is happening, so they can't really Google for it. Same thing would apply to your FAQ's and Tips.


And in I'm in total agreement with Eric, this is one of the nicest and politest forums there is. You should see how some forums burn down in flames a newb question.


Andrea has a very special sense of humour, but her replies while often witty are never rude and always address the issue.


I would be interested to see which posts were considered rude and unfeeling.

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