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Hi Guys,


I hope all is well.


I wanted to get some feedback from you guys regarding the new home page .. what do you think of the new rotating top banner?


... Is it too commercial?


Beyond that, you can expect a literal flood of new videos coming out over the next few months. I expect 100-200 free video tuts to be posted on the blogs between now and September/October.





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Guest It'sMeAgain

I like it. It grabs your attention and shows you the different tuts you have.


It is fast but if you place your cursor over the "learn more" button then it doesn't change until you remove your cursor. :)

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I agree with Wickham. It's very distracting especially if you come back to the site often. Instead of sliding right to left, why not a smooth fade-out/fade-in?




Or allow the users to click on whatever panels are available:



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Well yes, it could be distracting. Then again, how long does anyone stay on the index page? I have not been there in years. So how many of you would be on it but for the first few visits before you bookmark where you go often?


So although any animation should stop after a round or two, I think this is one of the cases where it is acceptable as you are bringing attention to the newest things.


Not that I have changed my opinion on animation, but I think it less an issue in this case.

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