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My website is not appearing in Google - HELP!

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A few things will cause your site to not appear in the search engines. First thing is to be sure this line of code IS NOT in your pages:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

... The above code tells the search engines to ignore your page and any links in the page. Instead, use this code:

<meta name="robots" content="all">

You can learn more here: https://developers.google.com/search/reference/robots_meta_tag

Check out this screenshot for details:


google robots.png

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First, get setup with google web master tools:


A Google indexed pages checker can be used in the following way:
  1. Enter your URL in the Google indexed pages checker.
  2. The URL is the website that you are wishing to check about its ranking or webpage content value.
  3. Click continue to receive the results of your scan.





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11 hours ago, Javi12Alvares said:

And how to see how many pages of my site are indexed? 

As Stef mentioned, you'll defintely want to get set up in webmaster tools / search console. Make sure you submit your site map and keep an eye on the crawl & index status for your site over the next week or so.

You can also use an advanced search operator to see how many pages google currently has indexed, then manually flip through the results as needed:

Head over to google and do a search for site:mywebsite.com ... ie:


List of google advanced operators: Reference 1 from google & Reference 2 (more comprehensive) from a 3rd party site.

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On 10/24/2017 at 5:49 PM, Javi12Alvares said:

And how to see how many pages of my site are indexed? 

Use this syntax to check how many pages of your website are indexed.

site:website URL

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Hi please check following issues,

1- Check google webmaster account.

2-check robot.txt file.

3-submit website to all search engine.

4-also do social media posting share your link on social media - social signal helps your website to get crawled. 

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If your site won’t show up on Google, or other search engines, you know how serious of a problem this is. Search engines can drive significant traffic, leads, and sales for websites, and not ranking on Google can cause big problems for businesses of every size.

Has Your Site Been Submitted to Google’s Index

Chances are pretty good that nothing is wrong with your website. Although Google has certainly sped up the speed with which it crawls (or reviews) websites for changes and new information, brand new websites still take a little while to show up in search results.

If your new site doesn’t show up in Google after a few days, you may want to try manually submitting it to Google’s index. This process allows you to tell Google that you have a page that needs reviewed and included in search results. This is especially important for new websites, because you may not have much (if any) traffic without showing up in search!

Enter your URL in the box, fill out the  CAPTCHA, and click “Submit Request.” Google will review the new submission and add it to its index, as long as the content is appropriate.


Is Your Site Suffering From a Manual Penalty?

If your website traffic has taken a nosedive, and your site has stopped showing up in Google search results, this may be due to a manual action, or penalty, being applied to your site.

Manual penalties are Google’s way of keeping websites that are presumed to be harmful or in violation of its terms of service out of its search results. They may do this by removing the site in search entirely, or by placing a warning beneath its listing.


Is Your Site Ranking Poorly Due to an Algorithmic Penalty?

Sometimes, you may think that your site isn’t showing up in Google at all, but it is… just on a very, very deep page in the search results. This may be due to an algorithmic, or automatic, penalty.

Unlike manual penalties, which Google gives out in response to user reports or by finding issues on websites during a human screening process, algorithmic penalties are applied automatically.

Has Your Site Accidentally Blocked Google?

Finally, although uncommon, some webmasters can accidentally block Google from crawling or indexing their websites. This can happen while editing the robots.txt file.

Some site owners choose to use the robots.txt file on their server to keep Google from indexing – that is, including in search results – certain pages, like “contact us” forms or anything you may want to keep private, but still accessible to visitors.

To check if you have accidentally blocked Google from crawling your site, access your server via File Manager or FTP. Look for a file named robots.txt.

Open this file in a text editor and look for two lines like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /
If you see these lines, they basically tell Google—and all other search engines—“don’t crawl any part of my site!” Delete them, save the file, and your site should show up in Google again soon





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