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  1. A 4k monitor is better than having two monitors. As a web developer, i like to see the design and code on a single monitor.
  2. Books( most of them) will provide you the basics. But to really understand the concept you need to work practically. Try playing with the codes. You said everything is going very well. Then no need of book. Just make the note of whatever you learn.
  3. Type "Site: your domain" in the google search and they will show you the pages which are indexed.
  4. Well to be honest books won't help much. You should learn from someone. May be an institute or a professional.
  5. Doing On-Page SEO is not that difficult. But Off-Page SEO is little difficult. Getting quality backlinks to your site is difficult sometimes. Moreover backlinks is the most important factor for ranking. No matter how good is your On-page optimization you need backlink to rank. Focus on your content if you have great content it will help you in getting backlinks.
  6. Template is a layout that can't be modified. Where as a website layout can be built using different codes.
  7. Thanks. Is there anything do with Reddit karma? I read Reddit karma is also important. What is Reddit karma and how does it affect website traffic.
  8. Hello everyone, I heard that Reddit can be used to get traffic to the website. I wanna if that true and how to do it?
  9. Videos are going to beat blogs in the near future since nobody likes to reading content. Few factors to rank on Youtube - - High-quality videos ( 1080p ) - Keywords -shares - thumbnail - likes and comments - views
  10. Yes, You are absolutely right. Email Marketing is more effective than social media marketing. It's because of the low cost of email marketing. Even though the conversion rate of social media is much higher than email marketing but when it comes down to ROI ( Return on Investment) email marketing beats social media marketing.
  11. Apart from your regular job you can work on some more projects too. It's just that you may have to work more than 10hr per day. Contact your friends or contacts on LinkedIn ask them if they need help. Hope this help a bit.
  12. Loved your thought to be in the top 25%. I see you have the responsibility of your family. If I would have been in your place I will prefer going for a regular job.
  13. I felt that Microsoft Edge wasn't fast enough. Its good to see that Microsoft is working on a new browser.
  14. Hi everyone, I wanna learn new SEO techniques can someone help? Specially On-Page optimization of Website
  15. Hi, Rashomon $60k per year is average. Definitely, around 25%-30% freelancers are making more the 100K per year. Rashomon It all depends on the skills. If you have experience ( around 3-5 years) and skills, just go for freelancing after building some contacts. Keep one thing in mind in freelancing you will earn more than a regular job. It's just a matter of getting clients. Please let me know about your skill level and experience surely I will help you with other questions.
  16. To be Honest there are freelancers who earn $60k per year but there are freelancer who struggle to get $10K per year. It all depends whether you are able to find work. Getting the clients is very difficult sometimes. I would suggest first build contacts in the similar field then go for freelancing.
  17. Well I Am just a beginner in the field of SEO. Here are few things which can help in improving SEO rank - 1. Website experience 2. Unique and fresh content 3. Proper keyword research 4. Website speed 5. Backlinks
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