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  1. Thanks for the advice. I thought about it and said to myself, I'll just make a website at home that shows the tags in the lessons! It's perfect practice and practical for when I need to remind myself of the tags.
  2. I'm doing the Beginners HTML course, it's going very well. Do I need your book? I'm not having trouble understanding the code and I practice with the videos. I just wasn't sure if there are other topics I'll need in the book.
  3. Hi all. I'm new to Killersites, so I'll give my, hopefully, quick intro. I have a career in broadcast audio but started thinking about programming for fun, and maybe a side job. I have been doing an open courseware class on programming with python, which has been good. Although you don't get tested and there's no feedback. On my YouTube feed I see programming videos and recently Stefan's videos came up. I was impressed by his direct manner and how he speaks with clarity. I wrote him for some advice on programming vs. web development as a freelance job. He responded quickly, which impressed me.
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