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  1. For finding freelance web development jobs, I will suggest joining the below but first develop a strong portfolio too: Linkindin Topal Gun Crew Stackoverflow
  2. Hello, The link you shared is not opening with me. For help regarding processing of an html form with your php code, Please contact someone expert in it or share the screenshot again so that we may assist you.
  3. Hello, Along with Web Developer and Pendule, you can also use the following: Stylish Personalized Web
  4. If your website is not appearing in Google search results, it means that it is not yet indexed. I will suggest submitting its Sitemap, as it will help the Google to index your website.
  5. Thanks for sharing the four types of marketing. However, I also use some other methods like: Affiliate Marketing Blogging. Text Ads Video Marketing
  6. Yes, you are absolutely right. Social media marketing and email marketing are the best marketing strategies. Social Media and email marketing almost goes hand in hand. For any business to flourish online in the present scenario, these two must be punched together
  7. Hello, I haven't used any word press reward plugins, but following are some of the best ones: myCred Gameofpoints
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