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  1. As per my personal experience, Both Blogging and Podcasts are the best options to gain followers as well as to build brand reputation. Blogging or content creation is the right strategy to connect with your target audience. You can target their pain points using your content and by providing your business solutions. On the other hand, podcasts are useful for some business like music & entertainment industry, eCommerce & retail industry, etc.
  2. Hello Everyone! Please let me know how can I find the exact number of the 404 pages on my website? Please suggest me some tools or other tactics to solve this problems.
  3. Use the cache:domainname.com to check if the website is cached or indexed. If it is not, then you can use the search console to let the Google to know about your website. One more thing, you need to set the robots.txt file, check if it is "follow,index". Best of Luck.
  4. Yes, Reddit is a quite big source of traffic. Here you can get the quality traffic especially from the United States. You can post your content or blog post link in the related subreddit. Make sure to post the content in relevant subreddit, otherwise, reddit will ban you. To become an authoritative user on Reddit, you need to earn the karma points by posting funny, technology related video and images. You can gain the commenting karma points by leaving valuable comment on the posts. In return, you will get karma points, might be a good award or achievement. I consider Reddit as an impor
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