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Archiving The Forum


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UPDATE: We are back in 2017!!


We some sadness, I have to report that after nearly 14 years (on this app and two others before it), the KillerSites' forums are, for all practical purposes , no more.

.... For any who have visited in the last year or so, this is probably very obvious.

There are many reasons for it, but it doesn't really matter. My focus is elsewhere and I think there are other more direct ways to serve the purpose of the forum.

I will keep it online for archival purposes and for members who occasionally want to keep in touch.

It was fun.



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Yea, no surprise there, serious drop off in questions. I don't even have anything to preach about as I have not built a web site in 10 years., nothing to do with the web in 8 years and do not even own a computer anymore. I just keep an I out here from work... and either our spam protection is great or spammers lost interest in us. I think it has been a good year since I last deleted anyone for spamming.


It has been fun tho, I started coming here in 1999. Made some good friends.

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I just now see this.

Case in Point - I used to live on this forum, but it's been so dead for so long, I only check in every now and then.

It's been great while it lasted.

Bye everyone!!


Stef - we don't have a crying smiley-face, but probably no sense in worrying about that now :-(

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It's a shame, really it is, but sometimes forums are just too big and vacuous. :\

Isn't there a way to answer simple questions on a sort of rolling / scrolling message board. It would of course mostly pertain to the video courses and tutorials on this site. :)

Whatever happened to that guy who always helped out with my silly workarounds. Can't even remember his name, now. He was one of the very best. Truly, he was. Those days may be forgotten, but never missed. ;)

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