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  1. Very succinctly, a static page is written in html and is translated by the browser. A dynamic page uses a programming language and is first sent to a server to run the programming script then it is sent to the browser with the relevant information.
  2. ww w.december.com/html/spec/color.html
  3. Well the last one is a Wordpress theme so they are usually pretty good. None of them are very inspiring but then neither is their product, and the wedding dress one made me want to stay single.
  4. It looks like the text editor you are using is adding the extension .html to your pages which already have that extension. I'm not a PC person but I would suggest going to your text editor's Preferences and unchecking the box "save with extension" or something similar.
  5. The nav images are pretty much aligned now in Firefox Mac, but the "How can we help you" doesn't show up either as a link or a rollover. I also noticed that you have an empty "header" div. You could put your nav within the header div and put the Culture Sculptor image as a background image in the header div. Also you have given your "nav p" a width of 158px which x6 = 948px, whereas your container width is 750px.
  6. On your home page the header is not in the same place as on the other pages. It's about 10px to the left. In IE6, the overall design holds together, but the 3 text boxes go straight down the page and onto the background. They also have a border around them which doesn't match the page colour, and the text flows out of the boxes. If you don't have IE6 to test on you can go to this address, ip info.info/net renderer/ (remove spaces) which will show you a screen shot in whichever browser you pick.
  7. In Firefox3 on a Mac your header is several pixels over to the left and the top navigation links overflow onto the background. I think you need a little more padding-left on your vertical navigation, it is very close to the edge. I can see you are working on it as I write.
  8. virtual


    Glad to hear you have figured it out. While you are working on it, you should try and remedy your validation errors (53). Some of them are caused by Flash, but not all of them.
  9. Your different table column widths are inconsistent. Where the spacer images appear your total widths are 245, 5, 375, 8 and 117 = 750, but then there are 5 x 5px width added to give a total of 775px. The 3 pictures that show up have the following widths 245, 250 and 245px but in your code you have allocated 245, 5, 350, 8 and 250px = 858px the 5 and 8 widths being the space between the images.
  10. Same comments as above on colour, busy background and legibility. In IE7 running on Virtual PC on a MAC the right side box overlaps the background and pushes the content way down the page. In IE6 on same machine the right side box and text is cut off and content pushed down the page. The design holds together in Firefox, Safari and Opera on PC and MAC.
  11. Well now I wish you hadn't fixed the first link, it made me feel sea sick all that movement. Definitely tacky in my humble opinion.
  12. Nice looking site. You should use class instead of id, W3C explains that in the validation page. ID is only to be used once on a page for elements that are not repeated, eg header div, content div, footer div. Where elements are repeated on a page use CLASS. You are using tables in your layout that are not presenting tabular data and your layout does not use divs. For example, your navigation should be presented using a containing div and ul, li, which you use further down the page to present a list of what's new. If you want to explore HTML and CSS further you will need to understand
  13. If you are doing this in Flash, you need to select your shape and in the properties menu, change the x y coordinates to 0, which will put your shape in the top left hand corner of your background. Then you can change the size of your background to the same width and height as your button.
  14. virtual


    I worked on your html and css and changed a few things round in both files, too many to mention here. You can see the changes at: htt p://emasai. com/Various/index.html and htt p://emasai. com/Various/public.css Just so you understand when you float a column you do not need to float its contents unless you want 2 separate columns within that particular column. I also removed all the absolute positioning from your divWNwidgets as they contents just sit within the video div that contains them.
  15. Oh shoot, when IE6 is gone we won't have so much to write about in forums....
  16. If you have money you can go the whole hog and get CS4 - Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver. If however, your uncle did not bequeath you his fortune, you can get by with a text editor, several browsers to test in and freeware e.g. Gimp instead of Photoshop. If you are a student, CS4 can be had for a fraction of the real price with an educational version.
  17. virtual


    You need to move your content div from the bottom to just below the member div. Before, you were using absolute positioning which makes your div appear at the exact pixel you specify. When you remove the absolute you need to position the divs in the order they will appear on the page.
  18. You already have a post regarding this site and your problem is with absolute positioning.
  19. virtual


    I didn't reply to you earlier because I have never seen a page layout with so many absolute positioned divs, so it seemed kind of overwhelming to me. Absolute position can be used in a relatively positioned div as it is bounded by its containing div. It is usually only used for a specific reason. Is there a reason for you to have absolute positioning? Clear both only works with floats, it has no effect on absolute position. I think the solution to your problem it to use a container or wrapper and put everything within this and position them with floats and margins, as suggested by JBal
  20. virtual


    Post a link to your page.
  21. Have you changed your html markup? It would be better if you posted that too.
  22. Oops I didn't see a couple of lines in your content div that you should remove. You don't need the padding and take out display: inline; #content { width: 606px; margin: auto; background-color:#FFFFFF; }
  23. It is broken because your content div is only 506px wide and you have 3 columns of 200px each plus the extra 1px on each side for the border. So you need to make your content div 200px times 3, plus 6px for the borders. In other words: #content { width: 606px; height: 630px; margin: auto; background-color:#FFFFFF; display:inline; padding: 10px; } .col1, .col2, .col3 { float: left; width: 200px; height: 50px; border: 1px solid #006633; }
  24. Your code did not work because you did not have a table or row set up, only the data. Did you try Wickham's code. What suggestions do you need?
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