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  1. There is also an excellent tool that allows you to sample colours from any website on Firefox and gives you the Hex codes http://www.colorzilla.com/firefox/ As is the Firefox web developper toolbar. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60
  2. Well yes, it may be deprecated and may not validate, but I was just giving him a solution to the question he asked. Sorry if i am ruffling feathers here, but neither Google nor Yahoo validate either. Personally as a user I think he has a valid point: "But my experience with customers and ordinary joe bloggs is that they will close when current window expect to see your site and not to have to use the back button." How many Joe Bloggs know about the right click - open in new tab/window option? Most of my friends use computers on a daily basis, but are incapable of the simplest tasks
  3. From your Mac you can view what your site looks like in various PC browsers through http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/ Some designers/developpers are not bothering too much about IE6 anymore as IE7 and IE8, not to mention Firefox, are now taking a large portion of the market. Dreamweaver will in no way help you simplify the quirks from browser to browser. It is better to get a good grip on html and css and use a text editor and test in different browsers. I am presuming that your MacBook does not have an Intel chip, that could possibly be your next big investment as it will enable you to test
  4. You will also need to separate your logo from the rest of your header image.
  5. If you must open a new window all you have to do is add target="_blank" to your tag.
  6. It sounds like you are a novice at web design and expect Dreamweaver to write all the code for you. While it is a handy tool, Dreamweaver is just that, a tool, and to be able to use it properly you will need to learn HTML and CSS. I suggest you take some of the tutorials available on this site http://www.killersites.com/web-design/ http://www.killersites.com/dreamweaver/
  7. You can use standalone versions of IE which can be found at this address tredosoft(dot)com/Multiple_IE
  8. I am no specialist in SEO, but from the classes I took on the subject several ways to increase ranking are as follows: Paid advertising with a link to his site on sites with high page ranking to increase his backlinks. Articles written about his product with a link to his site in ezines. Posting in subject related forums with a link back to his site (if allowed)
  9. My take is the same as Susie, he is suggesting someone here write a step by step tutorial on implementing a CMS but as newseed said, that is a vast problem.
  10. I would change the header, make your G2 logo image smaller and put it to the side, put a stunning image of a gecko, preferably not albino, something with colour into the header and use the colour scheme of the gecko to tie in with the grey and white of the body. Make the Gecko Geeks into an tag in the html file and place it underneath the G2 logo in the header. For the moment all your title information is contained in an image, people with images disabled will not see any information about you. You can browse through colour schemes at kuler dot adobe dot com and you can browse through w
  11. In Spain it has been a holiday since Thursday all through the weekend and over Monday as well..... Hard to get any work done around here, there are at least 14 religious holidays per year.
  12. Instead of using put each line in a different cell.
  13. All you really need is a good text editor with colour coding and to learn how to code in HTML and CSS. There are excellent tutorials on this site to help you on your way. I suggest you buy a couple of books on the subject, once you have a basic understanding I suggest you download ready made HTML/CSS templates and mess around with them. HTML is not hard to learn, CSS is a little more complicated to grasp but not impossible.
  14. Here is their "getting started" info htt p://wiki.fox ycart.com/getting_started:site_setup (remove spaces)
  15. You will have to put all related files, images, etc to the page you are viewing into the same WAMP folder as the page..
  16. Check it again and actually read what is written...
  17. Sorry hit the button too soon, It works fine in Safari and Opera on the Mac, but not in Firefox3. I had an issue with playing media cross browser and cross platform and finally settled for Flash.
  18. virtual

    Weird Issue in FF

    Check for broken images, as Susie said 4 of them are missing.
  19. Ouch tables... At a quick glance it seems that you have put your gallery and search box into your "wrapper div" which is 960 wide and the table width you have given it in the html code is 100% so that would be 960px. The whole thing pokes out of the side and overwrites the right column. Try putting your code in your content div which is smaller.
  20. ww w.december.com/html/spec/color.html
  21. There is a discussion on your question at the following link bytesize css.com/blog/post/image-replacement-for-h1-logos-semantic-or-not
  22. IMHO I would prefer to see navigation to your various pages rather than having to scroll down to find what I'm looking for. Also from an SEO point of view, your use of h1 tags will not give you optimal results using Hello, contact and my work. While I like your designs I don't think you are doing yourself justice in the way you are displaying them on your website.
  23. You will need to learn PHP to do something like this so that your users have to log in to be able to view the pages you want to hide. There are some excellent PHP tutorials on this site, see www.killerphp.com
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