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  1. Hello, I have a cd that is untitled with pictures on it, I put it in my computer and wanted to rename the cd title but it wont let me click on it to rename it, I tried command I to go to its dialogue box, but still no access to rename it....any insights on how i can do this? thanks Jahara
  2. Hi there I have a few questions: First- How do I take pictures from a cd and make a "batch" in photoshop to then follow these instructions: "I created and recorded an action that...... first resized each image, placed the marking over the top, put her sig in the corner and then her site name under this. stoped recording and saved it then having all the originals in various folders I told each batch comand where to grab the photo's from and save them to a different folder. Once that was set I ran it and walked away and made coffee while photoshop did all the work....... it was brilliant and took about 5 minutes to do about 400 photo's" Second- how do I create and record an action that will place a copyright mark with my logo? I need more specific step by step instructions on how to create a batch and make photoshop overlay my copyright symbol with logo on a group of about 100 photos. Thanks so much, Jahara
  3. Hi all, Thanks for all the previous help... Now for a new question: My boss just had me buy a second domain for her business, so that if people visit this sight they can be directed to her main web page. She would like to have this happen automatically...Her web page is: www.amajoy.net and the second domain I just purchased is www.bmc-ma.com. If someone were to go to www.bmc-ma.com can they be directly transferred to amajoy.net or will I need to put a button of some kind on the bmc-ma.com site to direct them? Thanks in advance and all the best, Jahara
  4. also, jlhaslip: did you create this code based on a generic code? Or did you visit amajoy's site and take code for the header with logo? I don't actually want it to be accessible on every page with the header, see my last note in last post about what I will be doing with it. thanks, let me know if the code is still relevent (with the added http you indicated in your last response) thanks again jahara
  5. I don't actually want it to be taken from the header, so won't need to separate from header image...but thanks for the tip. I am going to be putting it on the "links" page as a logo with a note "copy and paste this logo to link with Amajoy" or something of that nature. I will try the changes and respond back soon. Jahara
  6. I tried this code with my info plugged in as such: and then just as you had given it to me with no changes, but there was an error when I tried clicking on it. any insights, other ideas? Thanks for your initial response/help, Jahara
  7. Hi there, Hope everyone is not in the house all day on their computers but have gotten chances to be in the outdoors... I know I need to do more of it... Anywho, I am trying to make a logo become "hot" for visitors to take from our page and put on their link pages if they want to link with our website. Anyone know how I can do this? Thanks, Jahara
  8. Wickham, thanks for the tip. I did try downloading the natty ware as a "zip" but I think I might be missing a step. When I went to scroll over the text I wanted to CMYK for it didn't pop up. Any more tips? LSW, thanks for your thoughts as well...the html only shows the color number in contribute it does not tell me the cmyk so that I can replicate the color in photoshop. Any clue on what a good color picker is that I could download for free? If not, I will pay but wanted to make sure I looked at options first before investing money. Thanks again to the both of you for replying, Jahara
  9. Hi there, I am using contribute for a website and am formatting a header in Illustrator. I would like to exactly replicate the color of the font used on the home page that is done in contribute to match the text I am using in Illustrator for the Header. I have tried several times to guess, but wondered if there is someway the computer has data on the colors that would be transferable to Illustrator from Contribute so that I don't have two "almost alike" colors on the home page. Any advice or leads to someone/somewhere I can go to get more info would be great. Thanks, Jahara
  10. Thank you for your feedback, I was intending to have it be voluntary, not spam...but wanted to know how I can do this voluntarily? Instead of the person having to send us there email, instead have an easy button to click where we then "catch" there email, making it more convenient for them to give us there email. Does that make sense? and is this possible? Thanks Jahara
  11. Hi there again, I was informed that there is something called an e-catch, where you can "catch" peoples emails who visit your site in order to send announcements. Not sure how I feel about this but my client was inquiring so I wanted to at least see what people knew/thought about this whole idea. Have had good or poor responses (if you have done this on your site) from the peoples emails you "catch"? All the best, Jahara
  12. When I link to other sites that have requested a link share, should I put their link code into my code editor (control panel) or just straight on the website (rather than using html coding). I ask this because I am wondering if this can effect the ranking of our site, if it matters to search engines whether or not our links are in the code editor or on the straight content of the web page I am editing. Is that question clear? If it isn't please do let me know so I can reframe it... Thanks much, Jahara
  13. What are search engines using then to rate the ranking? How can a website get a higher ranking? Thanks for the previous advice, super helpful. Jahara Sara
  14. Hey all, Anyone know how to put meta tags behind photos on each of my web pages? I already have them in the HEAD section, but I heard you can put them behind photos as well to boost search engines probability of showing your site when people search the keywords behind photos... a. Is this true? b. How can I do this? Thanks, Jahara
  15. Hi friends, I am putting description, keyword and robot metta tags on each page of the website I am working on. I noticed when I go to search on google: I use one of the keywords for her "booklet" page alongside the title of her business. The booklet page does not show up in the results, so I don't know if the search engine has read her description for that page in the meta tag. Does it take a few days/weeks before the search engine will recognize this new information in meta tags. I just want to make sure I am not wasting my time putting meta tags on each page if it won't give me and my client the results we are looking for. Any advice? Thanks, Jahara:rolleyes:
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