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  1. http://jetpack.me/ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-facebook-connect/
  2. on #page put margin: 0 auto; take out the other margin you have in there. Corinne
  3. Corinne

    Firefox 3.6

    I have also had problems with Firefox on my mac and am also using Chrome a lot more.
  4. I tried and after a minute I gave up...... Minneapolis, MN Corinne
  5. " I am still so much on the learning curve where would I put "And overflow visible and height 1% for ie6"? I will add overflow:hidden to the nav div Can't we just blow IE up Corinne
  6. Thanks Eric.... I forgot to float it left. So wrapped in a div and float left worked Corinne
  7. I am just about finished redesigning a friends site I did a few years ago and I noticed the footer. This is simple I know but for the life of me I can't get it to work. The <p> that is floated right in my footer is pushed below the footer in IE7 (banging my head). Thank you for taking the time to look, Corinne Helps if I include link http://t est.tris tark9.com/
  8. Susan if you use !important it works....probably not what you were looking for, i just looked quickly I need to do a couple things and then I can look closer.
  9. Nucoder I took your advice and added a little palm leaf in the left corner and increased width a little....if you and Susie get a chance to look, do you think this looks better?
  10. Thanks...I will play around with it a little more.
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