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  1. @Stefan I thought you had a site dedicated specifically to templates. So now templates can be uploaded here?
  2. Yes, I think it might be interesting when helping someone out, the exchange would be quicker and easier with Chat. Also a little quick private banter between peeps is always fun.
  3. The problem is not with Flash in Safari or Firefox which shows the same thing. The problem is with the way your site is coded. In IE on a PC too you have major problems. 1 - The navigation is halfway down the page and is covered by the Flash animation which is visible on some pages. 2 - You are using a liquid layout which is not the easiest way to start for a novice. 3 - Flash is hiding behind this #portfolio_bg { -moz-background-clip:border; -moz-background-inline-policy:continuous; -moz-background-origin:padding; background:transparent url(../img/portfolio_bg.gif) repeat scroll 0 0; height:80%; margin:0; padding:0; position:absolute; top:101px; width:572px; z-index:1; } Portfolio_bg.gif is a black picture with a z-index of 1 and it is covering the flash, if you remove the z-index the Flash appears, but the navigation is still covering it. You will need to go back and rework the way you have written your html and css.
  4. I use Dreamweaver and GoDaddy and don't have any problems connecting once you get used to the interface. Access: Choose FTP FTP host: is the domain name - just enter "sitename.com" no ftp or http Host directory: if there is one e.g. httpdocs/ otherwise leave blank Login and Password are evident. Leave all the other boxes blank You might like to check Synchronisation and if there are several people accessing the server and changing files, check Checking in/out files. If you still have problems, PM me and I will see if I can help out.
  5. Now that I have tried it out I really love it, thanks for the new skin.
  6. If you want something simpler than what the big guys have been suggesting you could try this http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex4/php-photoalbum.htm
  7. I can test for you on Intel Mac G5 and MacBook Pro. I use Flash for virtual tours with AC_RunActiveContent.js and the only problem I know of is with the iPhone and the iPad which won't show Flash.
  8. Yay, much better, even though I am on 1152, 1280, and 1440 px. Now I don't have to see that big green sidebar.
  9. I think it is a question of personal preference but also depends if the design is going to be used in Print. For logos I use Illustrator because it can easily be translated into business cards, letterheads, flyers etc. For web design mockups for clients I use Photoshop, which I am more comfortable with, unless I know they are going to need the whole design package in which case I use both.
  10. Unrelated question to the above, but how do I add Friends, I can't seem to find a way? Don't worry I found out, I have to add from the other person's profile not from my own...Duh, me being thick again!!!
  11. If your other pages are not using the extension .html they remain text files, not html files viewable through a browser. Be careful also that you do not have a double extension for example about.html.txt
  12. @Andrea You are being strangely quiet about all the whip cracking jokes, or are you preparing a new avatar....??
  13. Same thing for Today's Active Topics, it goes to 2 lines when clicked on 1280px and 1152px. I don't have a problem editing the posts, Firefox 3.5.8 on MAC
  14. @Kyle Just a suggestion in the meantime, if your post is going to be long write it in a text editor
  15. This is a question for LSW. He knows all about this stuff.
  16. virtual

    Adobe Premiere

    If you are outputting for DVD and TV you might want to consider that the viewing window is probably 16:9 not 4:3
  17. Very funny Eddie , I agree with your other comments.
  18. sxc.hu is also a free image site with a good search function
  19. Another strange happening, the "PHP or CSS?" post has a horizontal scrollbar to view the offscreen text, I haven't changed my settings from one post to another and all the other posts I read this morning were normal size. Mac Firefox 3.5.8 resolution 1440px
  20. Found something a little strange too, Mac using Firefox 3.5.8 the Add Reply button disappears on hover for a few seconds but comes back. It happens just the first time I open the forum afterwards it acts OK.
  21. I'm so glad I'm a MAC, I don't have to bother with all that. That being said, when using the PC side or my old testing PC I use AVG and have for many years and never had a problem.
  22. When I wrote that I was on the Mac using Firefox 3.5.8 now I'm on the PC using "yuk" IE8 and I don't have the scrollbar. In fact the forum looks a lot better in IE than in Firefox, I'm flabbergasted... I still don't like that big long green sidebar though. P.S. Why am I categorized as an Advanced Member in the New Members group? Do I need more posts?
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