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  1. I have been trying to come up with a good practice for css specificity. I understand how it works, I just tend to over use specificity and wondered what you do. I will provide some examples of what I am referring to below: Here is one of my more specific examples: #main .content .inner { ... styles ... } #main .content .inner p { ... styles .... } In some of my other styles, I started by being specific and then dropping the specificity by a level for each style. Like: #main .content .inner { ... styles ... } .content .inner p { ... styles .... } .inner p.large { ... styles ... } How specific are you with your styles? Thanks!
  2. I have been setting a font-size percentage in the body tag and working with "em" font sizes. With the newer browser's that just use zoom and re-size the whole page, is it a better idea to just use pixels (px) for font sizes? Or would it be a good idea to continue using em sizes to support IE6/7? What do you do? Thanks!
  3. ok, thanks. I will abandon this practice then... Are there any other scenarios where setting the code up with divs(span, p) inside of divs for the font styling would be applicable?
  4. I think my original incentive for doing it that way was because there is some kinda bug in IE6 when you apply margin(or padding, can't remember) to an element that already has a width. And that was just my way to eliminate that problem. Is that logical, or is there a better way to avoid that problem?
  5. I was curious if I was doing this correctly. Normally, if I have text inside of a div, I will separate the styling out like so: <div id="one"><span>text</span></div> #one { width: 500px; height: 300px; background: red; ... etc } #one span { font-size: 1.0em; color: #fff; padding: 20px; display: block; ... etc } My thoughts were that it is a good idea to separate the content out like this. Is this necessary and a good practice?
  6. Hey guys, I just recently got Photoshop, and I had a few questions in that regard. Do you recommend buying any design packages, such as: http://www.talk-mania.com/store/index.php?target=products&product_id=29779 ? And, could you recommend some good sites from which to download free images? Any other recommendations/resources for someone who has just started using Photoshop and wants to start creating some good web layouts? Thanks so much!
  7. Tell me what you think? CommentsandCapers Thanks so much! Josh
  8. Thanks, will take a look. Anyone else ever used anything else that they think is comparable?
  9. Think I have gone down this path before... I am thinking about giving in and buying Photoshop - would Dreamweaver be a good investment as well? I always work directly with the code, so I am looking for something that offers some CSS completion, code organization, etc. I have been using Netbeans for the past 6 months or so, it works pretty well for CSS, but not amazing. Any recommendations for open source alternatives to Dreamweaver, or should I go ahead and buy it?
  10. j22cal

    CSS & IE6

    I think that is what I am going to do, put a php script in there that throws up a message and a link for the IE8 download page. There is no point in encouraging the use of a 9 year old browser...
  11. I think i am going to give CMS Made Simple a shot and see how i like it.... Any more suggestions?
  12. Just thought that the recognizably factor of a .com domain might help (ie: when someone things of a domain, they automatically think .com)?
  13. Hey all, I was wondering if the domain name for a web design business needed to be a .com or would one of the other extensions be fine (.us, .net, .org, .us.com)? Since It is going to be a business, I was thinking that a .com would be preferable...
  14. j22cal

    CSS & IE6

    Well, here is the current site that I am working on. I have three fixed positioned elements on this site. It looks fine everywhere else, except in IE6 it's destroyed, any advice? http://www.blotchit.com I have a few IE6 hacks in the first part of the CSS, including making the fixed position elements, absolutely positioned. But to no avail...
  15. j22cal

    CSS & IE6

    Is developing for IE6 still necessary? Seems like some people have abandoned it. Reason being, it seems I spend more time hacking for IE6 than I would like, I am still not very good at it, and it has only 10% of the browser share and falling??
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