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  1. Rashad, If you are part of my mentoring group be sure to go to the private club there.
  2. Sure. Did you join the private mentoring club on the forum? If so, that is the best place to post. Let me know! Stef
  3. This is called internationalization ... there are different approaches. Long subject. But if it is simple site, having a sub domain is a viable option. I would treat these as product skus on the same site.
  4. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  5. Ahh .. that is a generation 1 chapter review question that slipped through. Please ignore it. We are removing it for a bunch of reasons. Thanks for letting me know it was still there.
  6. Hi, Can you send me the course, chapter, lesson and question number? Stef
  7. Hi! If you are part of the mentoring group, you should post this in there .... you should get more responses. I would just seek out a client ... free or otherwise. Getting out there in the real world will also spawn many ideas.
  8. Here you go: https://www.killerphp.com/tutorials/object-oriented-php/ Stef
  9. Sorry for the delay. Just look up top 10 basic design principles for web design for some tips. Things like color and font choices, alignment etc.
  10. This is an OOOOLD thread. Just keep writing code and it will become natural.
  11. Hi, I am sending you an invite to the private club. Edit: I just sent the invite.
  12. Hi! The cart project, required a few updates given the changes to PayPal since that course was created. Here are the details: Videos impacted: Composer Introduction & SDK Setup PayPal Settings & Minor Changes Steps to Submitting a Payment Integrating PayPal Part 1 Integrating PayPal Part 2 Integrating PayPal Part 3 Integrating PayPal Part 4 On the whole the videos can be followed, but there are few red herrings on the way. And unnecessary distractions. Composer Introduction & SDK Setup Forget Composer, this is an unne
  13. Do the fundamentals. They all pay well once you are in the job. If you are a great JS developer, you make big money. If you are great Python programmer, you make big money. If you are great C# programmer, you make big money. On the flip side: If you are a bad JS developer, you WILL NOT make big money. If you are bad Python programmer, you WILL NOT make big money. .. You get the idea. Learn the fundamentals here: https://school.studioweb.com/store
  14. Check the browser docs.
  15. CSS is always much harder for people. Just take your time and write the code. You may have to do some lessons 2x. You could move forward to JavaScript to take a break from CSS.
  16. Hey! Sorry for the delay. Been busy too! Yes, the Killer in Killersites triggers all kinds of filters. That's why I am moving towards the more friendly StudioWeb brand.
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