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  1. I just realized now that you cannot upload an image file via application/json. Instead I somehow need to convert my project to use multipart/form-data in a MERN app. But the app uses JWT, so if i use multipart/form-data for registering/logginIn would jwt not work unless i use application/json? But without json how would it be possible to complete this app so that a user auth works so that they are signed into their userProtected Routes so then also user can select their own profile pic so that it shows on profile and user posts? Everything in this app works besides the image upload. Something so mundane but I have to get this to work. Has anyone gone through this before, by any chance?
  2. I have been trying to find out how to fix an app I had built from a udemy course a while back, I am realizing that gravatar does not work. So I am trying to do a manual file upload for setting a profile pic. I felt discouraged to even ask of this here because there was not a segment on MERN via the course videos. In my actions file i have an auth.js with a register method, I was trying to take the avatar parameter and trying to use the .replace() to strip the C:\fakepath\ prepended string to the filename so that a user image will appear on the client. Has anyone ever encountered this obstacle? sc::https://github.com/jamesAppello/devverse
  3. Good evening everyone, I am having incredible difficulty understanding the differences between the different apache environments. I am trying to start wordpress and it says I have to have php and mysql installed but if php isnt available on the command line via php --version || php -v does that man I would have to do another install for php itself even if it is on xampp? Also very important question:: Is it the same thing to install wordpress via Bitnami than using wordpress.org? Lastly, to note, when installing xampp I noticed one of the programs was called Fake Sendmail. And I want to be 10000% sure its not actually fake and its just a name for embedded computer humor? Because logically when something says fake I assume its something to be concerned about? Or if that is just a very funny php community humor as part of the install process? If it's actually fine and just a label and no problem that is hilarious because seeing that I was actually concerned for the past few hours trying to find out what that is and if its something to actually be concerned about? I apologize if my questions annoy people, I'm just trying to learn to be able to get the job done correctly. Thank you very much!
  4. Good afternoon everyone, For a while now I have been trying to complete a chat application to add to my portfolio to get work. Because it is something not that simple, so that when an employer-recruiter sees I worked on and finished one then I could hopefully get a job in this field. I'm puzzled to either or not add messages to the database, because when deploying it it may cost a lot of money to hold the space for a first version to later be built on further. Also the main thing I'm trying to figure out is there a set list of things to have when working with a chat app that uses socket.io? I followed a basic tutorial a little while ago to get the basic gist of socket.io to where I am to rebuild it from scratch to implement a db for user auth and I wasn't sure if others have built a chat app and would be willing to share best practices for the structure. Because the main feature I built alone was to add a OOP-based bot that would emit/broadcast messages based on kw matches in messages to make the chatroom engaging & fun! I wasn't sure if that would make any breaking changes when adding a db because in the sandbox version I have so far it works without a db, solely for learning how websockets work in a dev environment. I wanted to know if anyone has built a full fledged app with socket.io and a db and would appreciated any advice for having this done the right way if there is something about websockets I should be aware of when working with SQL.
  5. I was also wondering if anyone here has any experience using namecheap with wordpress? If you need to purchase the hosting per month and as well as buying MAMP Pro to be able host a site with wordpress public on the web? As I have read that the free version is primarily good for development and testing purposes.
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I want to build my first Wordpress site from scratch thanks to the fundamental lessons taught. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as for if you use the standard Free version of MAMP is there any sort of project-management handling being that all PHP projects are stored in a single htdocs folder. I'm sure this may sound humerus to experienced Wordpress developers. I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't have issues, being that MAMP is a free service, if that is understandable? Because if I ever plan on providing websites/web-services and/or Wordpress/PHP jobs; I just wanted to ensure that I wouldn't be leaving my website open to unforeseen problems that come with being new to Wordpress. Thank you for any advice ahead of time!
  7. Good afternoon everyone, I was working with the PHP x MySQL course and noticed that if you change the root password from default 'root' to your own unique password. it automatically locks you out. I already am aware some may read this and think why not just leave it like that then change it later for production; that is the catch-22 of this situation. Because if you just go with the flow of it, you are setting yourself up for problems that could arise from any rootkits hidden on your computer that inject malware and trigger DDoS at any moment. I'm still trying to pinpoint but google has a great consistency of ensuring to send you down as many rabbit holes as possible. So because I was so frustrated looking for answers, I felt it was necessary to step away and get back to what I know. I tried installing Workbench, but for some reason it does not let you connect to 3306, so I tried changing that by reinstalling and reconfigured the port and the x-protocol port. But when I tried that, MySQL would still be attempting to connect to 3306. Then on top of all of this, MongoDB/Mongoose are having similar issues. When I would try to create a cluster on atlas and use the provided connection-string ALONG with setting my user, password, and made sure I whitelisted my IP. Then I would run a script to connect, then i get prompted to make sure my ip is on the whitelist page on my atlas. Please if anyone has encountered these issues, I'd pay for the answer because all of this is preventing me from being able to complete projects, because without a database then I'd onl be forced to make simple apps that do not require a database. And when you are striving to enter this career you have to use databses. SQL being most important for employment, but this issue is preventing me from working with it. If I have to pay extra for the answer let me know so we can work something out! Thank you and God bless all of you! Have a splendid day!
  8. I was able to resolve my issue by having made a new working directory, since whatever it was making the errors appear was ousted upon a new instance. So first I removed the old file I was working in, which had this anomaly. Then when working in the new one, the error came back. Thanks to paying attention where Stef explains what the underscore does I was able to realize that whatever was being done was pointing to specific directory/files, depending on if you are working on it or not. So to fix it I re-ininitialized that pointed file so whatever is being done there is stuck there so then I could work without those errors telling me I'm wrong but then the code runs. So I had to fix this because if I deploy a PHP site and that could happen, then I would be very concerned if I were running a business. I was thinking maybe have a method that had a bucket that traps prototype pollution; not to say that all of those are bad, that's how social-media fetches data for ad-campaigns. The concern is the potential for malicious activity to hide in the mix, that could range out to anything. Given the nature of the cyber world, that is a rational concern to have, in my opinion. I do hope this helps anyone encountering the same and/or similar issue! Have a great day everyone!
  9. Good afternoon everyone, I'm learning how to work with PHP for wordpress and I have noticed some funny/peculiar things. Not sure if its a joke/hack/test/etc (that's later T.B.D), I was working on the custom functions lesson and I noticed that I would get an error to add another parenthesis/curly bracket, but when I try the code still says an error, but in actuality the code runs. Which leads me to believe that whatever the source of this is, it still allocates the code but the code is more than likely printed elsewhere: to emulate a fake error to possibly mislead someone. If it's a joke then it's a joke. However given the circumstances going on the world wide web lately, it's safe to say it is not just a coincidence. If others have had this issue and know how to properly fix and prevent such things, I'd appreciate some guidance. If it's a case of "don't worry about it", that will not work for me because then I will not be able to deploy any websites/projects (unless that is the goal of this 'joke') until I get this situated.
  10. Good evening everyone, I am a little over a year into web development (8 months out of coding bootcamp), with a background in MERN stack. Since completing that course,I have since then been attempting to rerun through what I was taught, along with diving into different languages, in hopes I'd find what I like best (still trying to figure that out). Where I then found out about this program and felt it was the perfect thing to get involved with. Besides trying to find out what to add to past projects, I am having just as much of a hard time deciding what exactly to build. Has anyone else experienced this type of obstacle when starting out trying to land an entry level/junior web developer position. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you! I hope everyone has a great evening.
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