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  1. Hi Stefan, Thanks for replying. "He"? Is that a typo? I still don't understand.
  2. In my understanding these "?" symbols are only used when there is user input.
  3. Hi, I am currently coding along with "PHP Shopping Cart with OOP & MVC" project on StudioWeb and I have a question on how includes work and I hope that anyone can help me. Basically I want to know how one page can magically have access to a specific class. In the video "Template Object: Part 2", timestamp 8:49, in the "v_public_home.php" file, Ben wrote "$this" because the view is being included in the Template object. I cannot wrap my head around how this works. It just seems to me that out of nowhere we can access the Template object. Can anyone give me a detailed breakdown on how the "v_public_home.php" file can have access to the Template object? Thank you.
  4. Hi Jim, Is the "lastname" column in your "records" database really spelled as "lastname"? Maybe you made a typo. Hope this helps!
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