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  1. Tried changing them to .jpg, that did not work as well. Next is deleting cache. WHY would Safari show the image file but all the others show a broken link?
  2. Thought that perhaps it was because the tif files had layers, so I flattened them. That still did not help.
  3. I am learning responsive design. have finally achieved the results desired with "flex". In testing the page in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera five img links out of six do not load. In Safari they all load. All resources are in the same file so there should be no problem loading. It has completely flummoxed me. The "cover.jpg", but none of the "btn_f.tif" or btn_i.tif" do, just in Safari. index.html btn_i.tif btn_f.tif
  4. So I have coded a page for 450 px, and want to now expand it so that it can accommodate 800px, then obviously 1024px and greater. Every time I try to add an @media query the page breaks down. I have put the querry before the "html" in css, or "body" using @media (max-width 450px). Or work is graphic heavy as we are artists who do direct sales. Did I do this backwards, should I have made the large version first? screen.css index.html button_f.tif button_i.tif logo_sm.tif
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