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Forum - How much webspace needed?

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It is to be a forum that might earlier or later have quite a few images, but nothing huge.

Is it very problematic to go for something free like Forumco? Besides the awful noisy heartattack-causing banners they put? If not, how much space would a forum take?




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If you multiply the approx. file size of "nothing huge" by the approximate number of "quite a few", you should get an approximate space requirement. I'd add 50% for good measure and future growth.


Seriously - the info you supply is a bit vague.

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Sorry, that is because I have no experience at all with forums and their sizes, I just imagine that it will be significantly more than the average website, or am I wrong? - Maybe you can give just an idea instead, something like: How small would be a tiny little forum?

How big can a forum get? The only thing I can be sure is that the one I want to make would be anything in between the two - I know that is vague, but it will help already to give me an idea.

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I have an AEF Forum package installed into less than 20 Megs. (including the zip file and a database backup.)

35 users information including images. The DB size is only around 3.8 Megs and it has been up and running for about a year.

Of course, there are Forums out there with 250,000 users and a couple million posts that are much larger. You really won't know until the Forum gets running, but plan on 50 Megs if that is available for disk Usage. Bandwidth is another matter.

i don't recommend the free Forum Hosts because quite often they restrict the Theming, backups, etc so you are not able to administrate the Forum to its fullest capacity. And the Ads and such...


[borderline spam]


Remember we do not offer services here unless requested

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Thank you so much! :)


Does not look as bad as I thought, really. I was counting already with Gigabytes and more.


Have I mentioned how much I like this forum? You are so very helpful and patient here, I am really thankful and hope that later on I will be able to help others as well. (Right now I probably would rather confuse people... I am still so refreshingly clueless about webdesign...)




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