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  1. I would not use bold letters on the left menu, once you have it white on black, being bold they are hard to read. I like the rest of it. Greetings Sarah
  2. Thank you so much! I will give a try to the fresh install, I think. I had found the config.php and looked at it yesterday and I prefer not to mess around with it... I am quite confident not to get too much of an headache now...
  3. Oh, after clicking around a lot on my panel I found that actually I have phpMyAdmin! Well, so now I will try what to do. Should I make a fresh install and link my already existing database to it or is it better to copy the already configured CMS ?
  4. The CMS I am using is CMS MadeSimple - it is in fact really simple and very nice to use. Now the funny thing is that my free account has PHPMyAdmin, but the new one has not (I am already considering giving it up and leaving it as it is on the free one, but I was convinced that free stuff cannot be good)(in fact the free one is the best of my three accounts so far) Is there any other way to get the data from one database to the other? It looks I will have to copy/paste my way through all the work I have already done. Great lesson in patience...
  5. How difficult is it to put a CMS and its database onto a new server? So far I could not find out how to get the database ore copied or uploaded to the new server and I don't know if I can just remove the ready installed CMS from one place and throw it on another... looks I got myself into a lot of work and trouble by starting things on my free webspace and planning just to transfer it to the new server later...
  6. sarah

    Help me decide

    Me too, #3. But the leaves on the C look a bit silly for my taste. The leaves on your first example were more serious (well I can't explain that much better, sorry...)
  7. One day ago I changed the data on the site of the company where the domain is registered. But then the company emailed me they cannot change them as long as this issue with the primary nameserver is not solved. That it can take a while to change the nameservers I know. But I have no idea what is this problem that keeps the company from getting the whole process started at all...
  8. I bought some webspace with a company and have a domain registrated with another company. When I was trying to change the Nameservers to my new webspace I got a mail from the company where I registered the domain telling that the domain in question was not configured to the primary server, or something like that, in portuguese it said "Dom?nio 'mosaico.pt.' n?o est? configurado no servidor de nomes com o endere?o IP (prim?rio)." Whatever that means... I was told to contact the other company and there I was told that the change would happen in a few hours. But more than
  9. sarah

    Help me decide

    my (not professional) opinion: The second one is great! The first one looks a bit boring, professional but very distant and cold. The second one is much more friendly, interesting and those orange-green leaves are beautiful. Greetings Sarah
  10. Thank you so much! Does not look as bad as I thought, really. I was counting already with Gigabytes and more. Have I mentioned how much I like this forum? You are so very helpful and patient here, I am really thankful and hope that later on I will be able to help others as well. (Right now I probably would rather confuse people... I am still so refreshingly clueless about webdesign...) Greetings, Sarah
  11. Sorry, that is because I have no experience at all with forums and their sizes, I just imagine that it will be significantly more than the average website, or am I wrong? - Maybe you can give just an idea instead, something like: How small would be a tiny little forum? How big can a forum get? The only thing I can be sure is that the one I want to make would be anything in between the two - I know that is vague, but it will help already to give me an idea.
  12. It is to be a forum that might earlier or later have quite a few images, but nothing huge. Is it very problematic to go for something free like Forumco? Besides the awful noisy heartattack-causing banners they put? If not, how much space would a forum take? Greetings Sarah
  13. Thank you a lot! This works fine! So as I understand it, utf-8 works for all characters, why people use the ISO stuff? Greetings Sarah
  14. Thank you all so much! Everything in place, gif-images, buttons in line and you saved me from big headache of rethinking all my design. I am really happy now!! Greetings, Sarah
  15. I will try that in the evening when I return to my own computer, but I am still wondering - ISO-8859-1 should be good enough, or not? At least all information available on the net tells me that it is fine for portuguese characters...
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