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Does Adobe Flash have a Future?


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In this video blog, Stefan looks at Flash in terms of its marketable future – basically, should you bother learning Flash or is there something else that does the same thing and is more important?




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Hi Jody,


It is not certain if Flash will be replaced, but it is certain that in the years to come there will be other technologies that will be on par with it. Flash was, and is still, hot because of PCs. In an era where PCs are common household items, Flash sure has found its place. But with today’s rise in mobile devices, lightweight devices, the hassles of using Flash applications will be its own funeral. Even though its future is gravely marked, it doesn’t mean it will fall overnight. There’s still hope for Flash developers out there. :) :) :)

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I don't think Flash has far to go. With the recent announcement of Apple's new Swift programming language, if it lives up to the claims that it is easy to learn and use, will basically knock out whatever was left in Flash.


With no support for Flash in iOS, it's fate was sealed anyway - Swift is just another big nail in the coffin.



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