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  1. Hi, This is the valuable information to us .Thank you for sharing your experience.
  2. Hi , 1.no, we cant create responsive websites from photoshop 2.if you want show the designs to your client. First you should buy the hosting server then your designs will be saved in that server Then it become easy to show your designs to the client.
  3. Hi, I will send you a link.if you watch that you can get a clarity about your question.I hope this will helps you a lot. The link is
  4. Yes, your doing is correct, daily updating the website is a good thing. Internet is mainly used for sharing. Your website shares useful information to all the people(students, faculty etc...). For this kind of educational stuff websites easily get more trafficby doing online promotion(Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization). Learning to do online promotion to your website go through the below link, Link: http://moz.com/learn/seo This link is more helpful for SEO beginners. :)
  5. Hi, Do you want banner image or small images to upload? If you want upload any image it should be GIF, PNG format. :)
  6. Hi Jody, It is not certain if Flash will be replaced, but it is certain that in the years to come there will be other technologies that will be on par with it. Flash was, and is still, hot because of PCs. In an era where PCs are common household items, Flash sure has found its place. But with today’s rise in mobile devices, lightweight devices, the hassles of using Flash applications will be its own funeral. Even though its future is gravely marked, it doesn’t mean it will fall overnight. There’s still hope for Flash developers out there. :)
  7. Hi James, In my point of view, the fact is that closed source is better than open source. With Closed Source, You never have to fix components when something goes wrong. But with Open Source, things occasionally go wrong. You don't have to worry about contributing your changes back to a community. But with open source, there's an expectation that if you fix a bug or make an improvement, you'll contribute your code back to the community that can help test and maintain it over time. You don't have to think about open source licensing terms and compliance issues. But with open source, you have to comply with the license terms specified by the components you're using. You don't have to choose among dozens of options for every component. But open source offers lots of solutions when considering a database, web server, application server, programming language, GUI framework, and the like. You don't have to look around for slide shows. But with open source, it can take some time to find conference presentations, architectural diagrams, screenshots, and other documentation. You don't have to look around for technical support. But you can get open source support from a community, your own engineers, or professional open source support organizations.
  8. Hi, You can use the Framebox ,Wireframe tool which are fast. you can use the word press for best design for the required specifications
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