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    at present learning the art of web design. I am ex -construction worker and learning the computer has been lets say different. I have a shop that I go play in welding, wood working, general tinkering.

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    attenting school of "hard knocks"

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  1. This is sad to say "but" I have been a couple of days trying to get a page I am working to link my css file. Changing the name, location, pulling my hair out. Only to go back to the video on ways to link your page and there it was I was putting "text/html" in the type area instead of "text/css it never seems to amaze me how the smallest thing can make such a difference Just wanted to share Thank You... And Have a Nice Day
  2. if you have the header size then the image size has to be equal or smaller than the header I ask I am..
  3. Just thinking that the Header size would come in to play as will as the image size would it not?
  4. Well Hello there, I downloaded some images form Graphic Stock and one of them is a pdf background and it says put text here. I can not get the image to load on web page. It will display the image name and have the pixel size I want just not the background, is this something I might get some help with? Or where I can research the problem?
  5. I hear U R having a Birthday today have yourself a Happy!!

  6. I hear U R having a Birthday today have yourself a Happy!!

  7. I heard you R having a Birthday today Have a Happy!!

  8. I have a website but have done nothing with it . How do I open my website and work with it?

    1. falkencreative


      It's probably best to start a new topic within the Beginners Web Design section: http://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/forum/8-beginners-web-design/

    2. chuckee44
  9. I have working on becoming a web designer and member of killersites university for over a year. I entered a school to teach me but that did not work for me. so I am trying to get a handle on web design with the help of Stafan and his killersites tutorals. I think I will make it I just sometimes loose focus on the end result. (what I am doing) may be just a senior thing thank you, have a nice day

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