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  1. Ahh...got it thanks!
  2. Hi I received an email this morning telling me that I would benefit from AngularJS! I Googled the definition of what it is, but i still can't figure out how and why this would be useful to me? Can anyone explain what it is in "non-nerd" terminology? lol Thanks!
  3. I'm really glad I posted this, as I was afraid of scrolling text posing a problem. The text is just the client's first and last name scrolling only on the first page. He is a fashion director and so the first page will be like a magazine cover. His first name in very large transparent font scrolling in from the left and his last name in very large font scrolling in from the right...at a moderate speed...then stopping in the middle. His first and last name only contain four letters. Will this still not be user friendly? His clients will be business owners and fashion agencies mostly. Cheers!
  4. Not quite like the example on the demo of the link you provided, but I haven't looked through it thoroughly. I'm hoping for a fade in and out transition of photos. I will be importing a slideshow from a media program into my code...if that makes sense? Yes, exactly the text will be scrolling separately from the slideshow.
  5. Hi, I would like to create a slideshow of photos while text is scrolling on the page simultaneously. Would this cause any issues/bugs? Although I am eager to learn from my mistakes...this is for a client, so I don't want to screw up! Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am currently a Studio Web student (still learning to code) and I am working on my very first web design gig ever! Although using mockup tools may not appeal to "everyone", I am a pre planning kind of gal, and would benefit greatly from a mockup tool. Can anyone suggest a tool that they use and/or recommend? The following are free tools that I found online, and I would appreciate any comments if you are familiar with any of these. Cacoo, Gliffy, Jumpchart, Mockflow, Framebox, Wireframe.cc, Pencil Project, iPlotz, and Invision App Cacoo means "pooh" in Ukrainian, so I think I'll pass on that one. Not a good omen! haha Thanks!
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