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  1. vivek just search template by search engines and you will find what you need .
  2. I have one comment , but it isn't about design . Your website load very slow . I check it by my toolbar , and it shows "Page Load Time: 10.5 Seconds" . It's not good .
  3. Seems it is a good book , look inside of book and you will see .
  4. It is save if you use your devise .
  5. Ye . you must choose the region from where your visitors will be , If they will be from all over the world you need to take domains like .net, .org ... Here is a cool article for this question badfactor.com/choosing-a-domain-name-dashes-or-no-dashes . Yes , I have company name and one keyword in my domain .
  6. Yes of course , you must know CSS well if you want to became serious developer .
  7. webloverik

    Html To Psd

    You just need to open any search engine and write "free online Html To Psd converter" , and you will get many results .
  8. I'm sure that WordPress is the best solution for you . I use WordPress on my all websites .
  9. I think base Knowledge HTML, CSS and some web design programs like adobe Photoshop, illustrator are enough for web design.
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