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  1. well! many people still prefer to see flash in their website. Therefore, it still be useful in future.
  2. " 1. killersites.com 2. A computer 3. A code editor 4. A graphics program 5. A willingness to learn new things everyday 6. Patience 7. Learn how to do research online 8. Willingness to shut off your TV " I like this feed back! LOL...It's clear and funny also!
  3. well! it's not easy to pointed out of important things you should learn here. So, it better for you to take a course. and then when you get trouble, you may go to Google to learn and fix. practice make improvement. So, just learn and practice.
  4. yarh..you can search on Google to get a bunch of fonts. It's so easy..you just download to your PC and then go to control panel to install them.
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