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E-catch, How to do it?


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Hi there again,

I was informed that there is something called an e-catch, where you can "catch" peoples emails who visit your site in order to send announcements.


Not sure how I feel about this but my client was inquiring so I wanted to at least see what people knew/thought about this whole idea. Have had good or poor responses (if you have done this on your site) from the peoples emails you "catch"?


All the best,


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What you might need is a Log-in system to capture the Email addresses for those willing to participate in a Newsletter campaign. The newsletter should have an opt-in and an opt-out feature, or else, as Thelma suggests, the mail would be considered SPAM.

I am not aware of any method to 'capture' emails from a visitor unless they willingly supply them. That would be rather un-ethical and there are limits to what you can do on a visitor's computer for security reasons.


Would you like to have your email inbox crammed full every day? Didn't think so...

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Thank you for your feedback, I was intending to have it be voluntary, not spam...but wanted to know how I can do this voluntarily? Instead of the person having to send us there email, instead have an easy button to click where we then "catch" there email, making it more convenient for them to give us there email.


Does that make sense? and is this possible?




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I can't really imagine how. What if they have more than one? I have around 27, from throw away to real accounts and one for things such as this, how will you catch the one I want you to use?


I would say let them fill it out themselves so they can choose what to use.

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