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Facebook Pages for Clients


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Hello, I don't really like Facebook and have stayed away from it. But I have clients that want me to set up pages for them and not profiles. I find that each time I try to set up a page for a client, Facebook asks me to log in. I have deleted all the cookies I can find on my computer but nothing works. Does anyone know how to set up accounts for clients? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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You can only set up Facebook pages from within your personal user profile (I personally think that stinks!). So, what you can do is create a new email address for your client (via gmail, yahoo, etc.) to use for a new personal profile for them. Then set up the pages from within that profile. That way their page is not linked in any way to your profile. Or if they already have a Facebook profile (personal) and they are comfortable doing it, they can give you their login so you can set up the page.

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I have set up pages before without having a profile.


When you set up a page at:




Simply go through the options. Yes at the end if asks you whether you already have a facebook profile, but you don't go for this option.


Go for the option where you "Don't have one" They are the only two options.


Yes you will obviously need to provide email details etc, but you will not be set up as a personal profile.


Once you have your page up and running, then there will be a tab at the top which will always be there (as far as I am aware) that says something like "Create Profile" that is where you would create a personal profile if you have to, but as far as I am aware you don't have to.


I have created just a page in the past for one of my sites and used it as just a page for weeks and I could login to just the page, nothing to do with a "personal profile" it was a buisness page (therefore perhaps a business profile in some respect but definitely not personal).


Later on I went on to creat a personal profile for this business page, but I didn't have to.


That is my experience of it anyway, I am open minded to others telling me exactly how they "had to" creat a profile just to create a page.


Now, one slight caveat here. The way facebook has set things up "IS" for you to create pages from personal profiles and you can create as many pages for different businesses as you like from within your personal profile.


They would rather you do that than you create another account. In fact that is how they want you to do it. However, if it is for a client and not for you, then I would set it up as I said in the beginning because doing things this way will not be breaking their terms of use because you are not setting up the page for yourself as such and you are probably not going to be the administrator of the page long-term. (well that is my view anyway, you might want to check their terms of use for yourself).

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