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Ive never been a huge fan of the band rush. But i've recently developed a liking for them. Right now I'm listening to rush songs on Sirius XM while hacking out some bugs & Its actually making life a little more enjoyable during de-bugging! !Recommend!


Anyone else with good some good tune recommendations?

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They were one of the few rock bands that I didn't see back in the early eighties. The others were Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin. I'm an old headbanger, but these days I tend to listen to a bit of Jazz, Classical music, and Irish / world folk.


I think the thing I liked about Rush is they're clear and unique sound. I mean, you could hear every word. Like you, I'm not a great fan of Rush, but for the very same reasons, I also like Thin Lizzy. Sadly, though, Phil Lynott passed away many moons ago. His vocals too were pin-sharp. And they too had a unique sound.


Having said that I was quite impressed with a metal band that I'd not heard of before, but that had been around for quite a whiles somewhere in Germany, but I can't remember their name to save my life. Anyway, you probably wouldn't like them, unless of course your an Iron Maiden fan, which I was.


They're still good to listen too, but only when I'm doing a bit of furious shadowboxing, say. :P

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When you say Germany - I think Rammstien right away. One of my all time fav bands. Not sure if I can rock them while coding to well, but definitely have them loaded up on my iphone for my workouts. Couple other German bands that are worth a listen are Eisbrecher or Oomph. ( or even MegaHerz, but i only enjoy 1 or 2 of their tracks)


Led Zep is probably tied with The Doors as my all time fav though. Ive gone through a Beattles phase recently, and I'm thinking I'm going through a Rush phase now lol.

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Rammstein has a few good songs for movies like Resident Evil, I also get a kick out of their habit of pronouncing words in old world German... but I remember them in their Neo-Nazi days and that keeps me away from being a hard core fan.


I am mostly into Goth Rock, H.I.M, Lacuna Coil, 69 Eyes & within Temptation type music as well as Evanescence. Linkin Park is awesome when I am pissed at something.


If I have more concentration needs, I like to listen to Arvel Bird who is 50/50 Scottish/Paiute Indian, so he plays contemporary native American Music with a celtic touch. Mostly fiddle and native wooden flute, you can find him on YouTube. Then there are Joanne Shenandoa who is Iroquois and Robert Mirabal who is Pueblo. These are top names in Native American music.


Then there is Morgan Fawcette, a 19 year old from Juneau on his 2nd CD of Native flute music and toured with Arvel. Also a CD called "Sacred Spirits" I picked up years ago in Germany, traditional music chants with a pop remix.


Oh and my wife likes the Gregorians when she wants to concentrate on a web site.


Kinda depends on what my mood is and what I am doing. I grew up with Rush, but never a hard core fan.

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I didn't remember, so I did a google, and found the answer is...




Blind Guardian



If my ears ever stop blinking ringing / hissing I'd like to purchase some of their sounds purely for those 20 minutes or so of air destroying shadowboxing moments. :blink::unsure::lol:


Oh and btw, my favourite Rush album was (or, still is) Moving Pictures. B)

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In my high school days I was not a rocker, that came later as an adult blink.gif which is why I cannot talk Rush very much... I was more for Foreigner, Air supply (if I had only known then who Jim Steinman was and that he was behind them...), Olivia Newton John, but I recently rediscovered Alan Parsons Project, that brought back some memories of my earliest Army days. Tales of Mystery and Imagination was my favorite... The Raven. (So I am dark at heart...) I went full country then with my first wife... my current brought me back to older stuff like Meatloaf, Kiss...


I listen to allot of different styles eh? laugh.gif


Funny I never heard of Blind Guardian, they were German? I liked Nina for a long time, some BAP. Die Prinzen are a great group, very funny songs, but my favorite is Die Arzte... they hail from Berlin and really rock and bust you up if you speak German. Look for "Manner sind schweine" (Men are pigs) on YouTube... they were allowed to film the video with the original diva of the period, Laura Croft, the original computer version. The company was really tight with their licensing of her but allowed this little known (in the English world) band do a video with her. It is fun to watch even if you don't understand the words. Then there is "Junge", the video was censored as it stars Zombies eating people. One of there members did some solo work "Faran Urlaub" (Fahren an Urlaub is drive on vacation), his best is called "Dusche" (shower) which is about a man convinced his household appliances are out to get him so his only friend is his shower where he sleeps... until he blows up the house that is wink.gif. A classic is "Shrei nach liebe" (Scream for love) which is sung to and about neo nazis and skin heads and about how they do what they do because no one loves them, they have no life, their parents had no time for them etc., Their facists because they are scared of snuggling... needless to say they made points with most Germans and enemies of skinheads LOL.

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