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Shorthand properties question


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For writing font properties the order is:


style variant weight size family


The order of style, variant, & weight is not critical, but it must end with size then family.



For margins, padding, borders the order is:


When using 4 values: top, right, bottom, left


When using 3 values: top, left & right, bottom


When using 2 values: top & bottom, left & right


1 value will apply to all 4 sides



For background properties the only thing that matters as far as order is the left and right position. The first value is the left position and the second value is the top position. If only one value is declared for position then the 2nd value defaults to center.

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I always had trouble with the 3 values - could never remember what's what - until I looked at it this way:


My top and bottom may be of 2 different sizes, but the girls (better) be about the same size. I know this is very corny, but it's worked for me, and now I know what the 3 values stand for. But please, feel free to use whomever's girls you want for this equation.

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