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  1. Hey, so i want a small-moderate sized wikipedia-type site, as well as forums, blogspots, comments on articles, ets. My questions are: As a fairly new web designer, would it be best to use a wiki template? Is it very hard to build it myself from scratch? If i should get a wiki template, what are some of the best for my needs? Is there a resource you could give me on this? Thanks a bunch, David
  2. Good point, however still one problem. They want the add as a jpg file...how to I add a link to a jpg file without an html file accompanying it?
  3. Hey, I am designing an add for an electronic magazine. They want a jpg image with a link in the image file itself. Any Ideas on how to do this, or maybe some references? Can it even be done? Thanks a bunch David
  4. Found the problem, somehow I managed to insert the text packag before the DTD lol. Thanks
  5. Hey, i was building a website and have come across a problem I cant solve. At the top left corner of my screen this appears: packag What does it mean? Thanks, David
  6. Hey, I am working on my first clients website. He wants a slideshow as well as a drop-down menu navigation bar. I know you can achieve both of these effects without javascript, I was just wondering which way is ultimately better (faster, cleaner etc). And if javascript is better, could you point me in the direction of a script/tutorial for both of these tasks. Thanks David
  7. I have a good handle on css and html, and a bit of javascript. I am designing an independent news website and the methods i am using seem like the hard way. For example, i am just making all the news articles on seperate pages and creating links to them on the main page. I was thinking that there is a more efficient way to organize the news and create archives. I am looking into rss, but that is more for making your news available for others on different sites, or am i mistaken. Anyways, i was thinking there was some format or template to create a more efficient way to update the site, to
  8. Hey, im a bit new to web design and im designing a news website. I was wondering if any of you could give me a reference to a good tutorial or news related web design information. Thanks David
  9. Well thanks alot for the advise. Im going to check out ITT Tech and make a few freebie sites.
  10. Thanks, so the government doesnt require expeirience and they would probably hire me? Anyone know more details, what department, how i apply etc?
  11. Hey, i was wondering how to get a job and what my chances are. I have a pretty good handle on css and (x)html, and am learning javascript. I have no official training or experience. Is there opportunities out their for me in the now (i will become a freelancer in the longrun but i need a job now)? Thanks David
  12. Hey i was interested in creating a wiki-type website and was wondering if there was a standard wiki template to start from. Ive looked a little bit and cant find one. Thanks David
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