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best version of Dreamweaver?


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Depends, you will get different answers from different people.

But as in any product around the world the latest model/version tends to be better than the previous otherwise there would not be any need to release a new candidate if you catch my drift.


But which version works the best for you or anyone else can depend on an array of things like which one you've learnt the best and feel most confortable with to the one that have the best solutions for the type of code you write most frequently and for some reason you do not like the changes in the new version.


I say try and make up your own mind about the matter, as I believe trail versions are available.

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You don't have to use Dreamweaver to create web pages but if you insist on using some kind of editor on steroids then you can google the net to find a few others such as Expression Web, HTML Kit, etc.


If you are on a tight budget then you should be able to find some good editors that are free or very low in price. HTML Kit is a freebie I think.


Otherwise, if you are persistent to use Dreamweaver and yet you want it cheap then you can either search ebay for it or PM me because I have a full retail version of each Macrodmedia MX 2004 and Studio 8 which comes with Flash and Contribute along with Dreamweaver which I no longer use.

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Dreamweaver has gotten consistently better with each new version. Although sometimes, the new version is just a little better. Other times though, Adobe outdoes itself and comes out with a really nice upgrade.


... Dreamweaver CS4 was a touch slicker than CS3. And CS5 is again, a touch nicer than CS4. That all said, I would suggest getting at least the version of Dreamweaver that supports modern CSS techniques ... I think this is CS2, but I am not sure about that.



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I think a lot depends on what standard of web design your at. Im an intermediate beginner who has a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.


As such DW8 does everything I need it too at my level, it is far too powerful for me. If you buy studio 8 you get the superb Fireworks 8 that for what ever reason is shadowed by Illustrator and Photoshop especially now since there all owned by Adobe.


Although I am new to web design I am not to web graphic design and Fireworks has been all I have ever required for web graphics. A fantastic tool very lite both in interface and CPU/RAM requirements and I still use version 8. I don't even look at Photoshop or Illustrator.


Also in studio 8 is various Flash software that I currently know nothing about. But still I aim to learn Flash any time soon (watch this space :] ) so a great edition non the less.


To summarise, if you are a total or like myself an intermediate/advanced beginner to web design, DW8 is a superb buy second hand and will do everything you want and its value is only eclipsed by a second hand copy of Studio 8 if you can EBay it for a good price.


That all said Adobe are very generous towards students (which I currently am) and if you are you might want to check out the offers as if your a student CS5 becomes more and more tempting due to the staggering 50% plus off the full versions.

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