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What's the best text editor for building websites?


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I run CentOS Linux.  Of editors available to both CentOS and MAC, I have used VIM, Brackets, Atom, and Sublime Text.

I have used others that are not ported to MAC.  Of these, I always come back to Sublime Text.

Best Advice?  Try several, you will find one that stands out among the others. 

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Sublime is great. I prefer it to notepad++ because it's easier to install extensions. A great extension is emmet - it  gives you some really useful shortcuts like so:


outputs this:

<h1 class="main-text">
    <ul class="main-mav">
        <li class="nav"></li>
        <li class="nav"></li>
        <li class="nav"></li>
        <li class="nav"></li>
        <li class="nav"></li>

If you dislike the default colour scheme, you can change it to the same as notepad++ in preferences.

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