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  1. Hey Ross, I can make your website look GOOD! As well as running several of my own websites, I do alot of design for my development clients and I'm used to working on big projects. Can we talk on Skype or something so I can find out more ? Adam
  2. CS50 is Harvard's own first semester of computer science, and it's online for free. **Computer science is NOT web development. ** IMO your time would be much better spend learning Wordpress and getting sales experience if you haven't yet made your first buck. Moreover.. I think it's a bad first course to take *if* your goal is to make money from website development. There's tons of great courses out there for that - killersites has one, there's codeacademy, freecodecamp, and so on. After being comfortable with their webstack of choice, who here has tried CS50? One line caught m
  3. Sublime is great. I prefer it to notepad++ because it's easier to install extensions. A great extension is emmet - it gives you some really useful shortcuts like so: h1.main-text>ul.main-mav>li.nav*5 outputs this: <h1 class="main-text"> <ul class="main-mav"> <li class="nav"></li> <li class="nav"></li> <li class="nav"></li> <li class="nav"></li> <li class="nav"></li> </ul> </h1> If you dislike the default colour scheme, yo
  4. Agreed! Bangkok I mainly met English teachers, but up here more or less every western guy I've met is a coder or marketing/website freelancer and every girl I've met is a blogger. Also Stef - This invision forum software is really nice and clean. I stay logged in (through facebook I presume), and the notifications make sense. -- Thanks for answering the question. When you say there's 4 levels, is 4 inherently more complex and desirable than 2 or 3? I'm just about ready to hit level 2, so I can concentrate on higher level business activities - increasing my kno
  5. Do you think it's ok for a service provider to call himself an entrepreneur? I live in Chiang Mai where's there's an abundance of people who are working remotely. I've heard people refer to themselves and me as an entrepreneur. I usually tell them I'm not an entrepreneur yet, as I only provide 1 service. I think you can start calling yourself an entrepreneur when you provide several services across minimum 2 separate businesses. What do you think? Adam
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